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2 months ago
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all righty what's going on guys Dylan
DeFazio here with another supercharged to
review today I'm gonna be going over
instant cash machine 2.0 now inside of
this review I'm gonna be covering the
back-office the upsells the down sells
the members area as well as some
exclusive bonuses which I'm going to be
giving you guys absolutely free they're
valued at just over a thousand dollars
and you guys will get them if you decide
to purchase insta cash machine 2.0
through the link in the description
below now if you guys have watched some
of my previous reviews you know that you
know I kind of start things out in the
same sense but today I'm gonna change it
up a little bit I'm actually gonna go
over the bonuses first and then we're
gonna go over the sales page the upsells
and down sales and lastly the members
area so if you guys are watching this
video on the bonus page it'll look a
little bit something like this the video
will be right here and if you guys want
to get access to this bonus page it'll
be in the comment section below or I
should say the description below so
insta cash machine is a Instagram method
which is gonna teach you how to leverage
top leaders of Instagram with massive
followings to grow your traffic very
very quickly and start getting sales and
leads as soon as today so bonus number
one how to explode your YouTube channel
this is done by a good friend of mine
Brendan mace bonus number two value that
both of these are valued at 197 banking
with bonuses this is gonna help you
actually increase conversions using the
insta cash method bonus number 3 is your
list building on steroids this is again
going to help you build your list one of
the most essential tools that you can
have as an online
to premiere now bonus number four we're
gonna have the fast track profit plan
and I'm just gonna quickly go over these
bonuses if you guys want to you know
look look at them a little bit more
in-depth all you guys got to do is click
the link in that description below bonus
number five is an actual case study on
how how you can make two thousand
dollars in 20 minutes with Facebook
groups bonus number six is seven deadly
sins of email marketing now these are
all you know insta cash machine is
focused on helping you build your list
through Instagram so I've thrown in a
lot of email marketing bonuses which is
gonna help you leverage that as well and
bonus number seven is my favorite the
10k a month online case study so all you
guys got to do to claim these bonuses is
simply click the link in the description
below and head over to head over to the
bonus page and grab these before the
timer runs out once the timer runs out
you guys will not be able to access the
bonuses anymore so the sales funnel so
we're on the front end we're gonna have
the 695 that's for the main offer and
then we're gonna have four upsells you
know these are value-added upsells at
seventeen twenty seven forty seven and
then personal coaching at $97 so these
bonuses are value-added they're not
essential to making money with this but
they are going to help you help you
succeed help you grow your Instagram the
first one is the first one is you know
your main offer it's gonna help you
build your emails second one is dfy
funnels and you know all the way up to
your ninety seven which is going to be
your coaching and that's gonna give you
live access to billy dar and some of the
other team which is going to help you
succeed so now onto the sales page if
you guys want to get access to the sales
page that will be in the link in the
description below as well now
new secret method pumps a hundred and
forty-four dollars and 55 cents into
your PayPal account in 30 minutes flat
now the Instagram cash method is the
version 2.0 I've actually gone through
the version one I've implemented I've
actually made money with it and this one
is a similar method well actually the
exact same method but it's revamped for
and it is it's a very very good method I
love how they give you a brief little
you know brief little intro into it here
and you can get access to it here as
well I'm not going to go over the sales
page if you guys want to check over the
sales page and everything it has to
offer all you got to do is simply click
the link in the description below but
you're gonna learn how to leverage
Instagram influencers to get tons and
tons of traffic to whatever promotion or
whatever offer landing page anything
that you want to promote you can
leverage Instagram top leaders to make
money with it so onto the on to the
members area inside of the members area
so you're gonna get the intro into it as
a very short video it's good just gonna
give you a brief little rundown thank
you for purchasing the product the big
overview is going to show you exactly
what the method is step by step and then
they're going to break it down for you
inside of inside of each video so number
three they're gonna show you how to find
your free bribe which you can give away
on your landing page to you know
increase the increase the conversion
rate of people actually opting into
you're upping into your landing page
through your promotion number four
they're actually going to give you a
squeeze page template and show you how
to upload it so that you can host it
yourself you can edit it you can change
it so they're gonna give you this I
personally use leadpages to build mine I
also have optimized press and some other
tools but this is kind of cool I like
how they give you give you a template
here as well so that's kind of neat and
they're gonna show you in video 5 how to
edit it as I just stated and in video 6
they're gonna show you your Thank You
page Thank You pages are very very key
they're also gonna give you a template
here they do increase the conversions
because they're going to interrupt the
what the person was actually doing
before and they're actually going to you
know make them take micro engagements to
increase conversion so I really like the
the upload or the Thank You method I
should say now creating your image for
Instagram this is going to teach you how
to you know craft your image that you're
going to give to whoever you're
purchasing the shoutout or the image
that they want to post for you there are
several different methods that you can
use and they're gonna go over that here
as well in the next video so they
personally use canva I personally use
canva as well that's where I create all
my images great free tool that you guys
can use and there's a button here if you
guys want to get access to it as well
though my one dislike about this is
using bitly if you guys are gonna be
setting up your tracking links I
recommend to use Google Google is a lot
Google shortener is a lot better you're
not gonna get as in-depth tracking but
it's not as spammy a lot of spammy
people use bitly and I feel like it's
got a negative negative view on it from
people so when they see a bitly link I
feel like they don't convert as well I
personally use domain branded links I
use clickmagick as well you know that's
one of my tools I've been using for a
long time it allows me to cloak the
links properly it allows me to add
tracking codes and stuff like that so
it's a little bit more advanced but you
know tracking is very very key you want
to see how much traffic you're getting
you want to see what's converting what's
not converting so that you know if
you're buying from one person and it's
not working then obviously you don't
want to go back there and buy another
Shoto from them so that's my one dislike
about this
is the I wish the tracking was a little
bit more in-depth but you know I'm just
being nitpicky here so number 9 the
leveraging of Instagram for massive
exposure that's gonna be your final
video and this is where it's gonna
actually go in-depth into you know the
different methods that you can use on
Instagram and how you can actually get
tons and tons of traffic for very very
cheap so you know all in all great
course I love this course I've actually
gone through like I said I went through
the insta cash machine version one and
when I seen they came out with version 2
I was actually very excited and you know
they definitely didn't let me down Billy
DARS a good friend of mine he's actually
you know he comes out with great
products they put a lot of effort into
it and you know the only thing I could
find is the the tracking video wasn't my
favorite but definitely all in all a
great product great knowledge and it's
very very simple for anyone to get
started and start leveraging to make
commissions very very quickly so you
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