Inside Concealed RO Membrane Kent

2 months ago
Inside Concealed RO Membrane Kent. what is inside the housing. which membrane manufacturer is of kent. lets see inside the membrane. Please like us on ...

English subtitle

due to streaming error.
hello friends
sorry for the delay.
today we are going to see
in this RO membrane
so lets get started.
lets cut
doing it live.
so we can see whats inside.
kindly bear with me
Lets cut it
wanna show you before i proceed
Filmtec inside
lets see
many have asked
what is in this concealed membrane
which company membrane.
lets see it
its really difficult .
it is too bad ..
hope we could identify the membrane
dow filmtec
lets do postmortem of this also
its so dirty
membrane quality is good
this is the speciality of dow filmtec membranes
it does not catch much scaling
so it is long lasting
you can see how dirty it is
still scaling is not much insider
lets open it up fully
remove the mesh
see the scaling
this is called scaling
ro scaling
hope you liked the video
thats all for today.