'I'm naturally blonde!' Susanna Reid drops a bombshell on Good Morning Britain

2 months ago
'I'm naturally blonde!' Susanna Reid drops a bombshell on Good Morning Britain... as fans go wild for her sexy new glasses.

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'I'm naturally blonde!' Susanna Reid drops a bombshell on Good Morning Britain... as fans go wild for her sexy new glasses
Shes known for her dark wavy tresses and twinkling eyes as she wakes up the nation daily on Good Morning Britain.
And now Susanna Reid has stunned fans by turning up on the show with a new pair of glasses... and has declared she is actually a blonde.
Im naturally blonde, Susanna said to Piers Morgan on Tuesday edition of the ITV morning show.
Dark blonde is brown, only a blonde wouldnt realise that. Its like gender, theres male, female thats it. In hair theres brunette, blonde, red-head, thats it. Strawberry blonde is blonde, he rambled.
Are you talking to the people in your head again? Susanna quipped back.
Her sassy chat came hand-in-hand with her intellectual new look, as viewers went wild for the anchors new eyewear.
One fan wrote on Twitter: Susanna what can I say. Liking you in the glasses, they truly suit you. You should wear them more often. Wow.
Oh wow Susanna in those glasses on GMB this morning! You have set me up for the day, said another.
A third wrote, clearly rather flustered: Can you wear them sexy glasses and there suit you Susanna Reid and so hot sexy lovely lady lots of love [sic].
Piers also shared his thoughts on actress Angelina Jolie, saying: I cant imagine anyone being less fun than these days.
Susanna and co-anchor Charlotte Hawkins stuck up for her, having faced a very public split from Brad Pitt this year.
A bit of sympathy and support would be nice, Susanna said.
Last week The Good Morning Britain presenting duo were discussing recent photos of 70-year-old actress Felicity Kendal wearing a knotted shirt, and debating whether the look was age-appropriate.
And after Piers suggested Susanna was too old to recreate the look, the 46-year-old host became enraged, chiding him for trying to explain to me how I feel.
The clash started with Piers discussing Felicitys look and telling presenter Lorraine Kelly: Theres a cut off point for people dressing like that and its 61.
Visibly shocked, Lorraine quipped: Oh behave yourself! to which he shot back: You wouldn’t like me if I behaved myself
Piers tried to explain himself, saying: If you look ridiculous its entirely up to us to say you look ridiculous. Its a free world.
Susanna blasted his totally subjective judgement but when asked if she would wear a crop top admitted: My crop top days are over.
After Piers asked why? she said: I wouldnt be confident enough.
After he again asked her to explain herself, she said: Because I dont think I would look good in one.
But her co-host, 52, interrupted: No, you think it would be inappropriate and a little bit tacky, thats the truth.
Outraged, Susanna raised her voice as she turned to him and said: Sorry but you are completely explaining to me how I feel when Ive just told you the reason why I wouldnt wear one.
Trying to diffuse the tension, Piers backtracked: Yes Im mansplaining, I wind everyone up.
The duo continued the segment, but Susanna couldnt resist a final dig before the advert break, muttering: As if it could get any more heated on this programme.
Their clash sparked intense debate on Twitter, with some viewers deeming Felicitys look was the pinnacle of body confidence while others didnt like it.
@reallorraine @GMB I say #FairPlay to Felicity Kendall for wearing a #croppedtop she looked #Fantastic be #bodyconfident #bodyconfidence, one fan wrote.
But another added: Are you ever too old to wear a crop top? Yes you are.
Meanwhile, viewers sided with Piers and Susanna themselves over their clash.
Susanna Reid deserves to win and a medal just for putting up with @piersmorgan, one wrote, while another countered: I dont often agree with Piers, but credit where its due. Well said, sir.
Meanwhile Piers talked about his return to daytime television with three broken ribs, writing: Ill be co-hosting @GMB tomorrow with 3 broken ribs. For the more fragile snowflakes among you, this is called manning up.
Susanna quipped: I have to work with you. #WomanUp and added: Nothing gives him more pleasure than winding people up. Resist!