5 days ago
C'est par ici que ça se passe ⇟ Hey guys, Après vous avoir présenté une coiffure simple, je vous propose de changer de tête en déclinant plusieurs styles avec.

English subtitle

This is a new video
and I will show you how to refresh your hairstyle
I made it 2 weeks ago
So I'll show every possible hairstyles that you can do with the same hairstyle
You'll need a brush
medium hair pins
I bought new hair pins because I have 2 left
black elastics
hair clips to separate your hair
and accessories if you want to accessorize your hairstyle
a headband
a head jewel
we are starting by the first hairstyle
You can let the fringe on the front
or you can make a quiff
you can work your fringe
with making a quiff
twits which bothered you, you can insert them
you can make a bantu knot
in order to your fringe become curly
or you can put perm rods or flexions
I'm going to do my shampoo this week end
I'm going to do a twist out
It will be the one of the last hairstyle I'll show you then
let's go
I love it
You have just to shape them
This is the end of this video ,
I hope that you liked it. And I will you this kind of video
on my channel in addition to Vlog
Don't hesitate to put thumb up,
tell me if you liked it, if you try one of these hairstyle
Which problems did you had?
Which other kind of hairstyle did you find to do?
And I'll be there for a new hairstyle video
because I'll make my shampoo, So you'll have a new video next week