IAA Frankfurt 2017 #2 - AutoWeek Motor Show report - English subtitles

2 months ago
In deze eerste reguliere beursronde komen Jan en Frank voorbij een tweetal concepts van Mini, de Europese Ford Mustang, een bloedstollend mooie ...

English subtitle

Welcome to part 2 of Frankfurt 2017.
The sun has risen above Frankfurt,
so it's time to hit the show.
And we're kicking off with Kia,
we've snuck behind the scenes because this car is yet to be presented,
but we've got the sneak preview.
This is the ProCee'd Concept,
Kia's future vision for the Cee'd.
I'm also not on my own today.
Normally I cover this show with Roy,
but he's on vacation.
Today, Jan Lemkes is next to me.
You might know him from the Newsdesk and the Blik in de Box,
and Jan, this actually is a very big Blik in de Box, right?
That's why I'm excited!
- Let's go.
This thing is fantastic, let's be honest.
- Great isn't it? I bet there's lots of other great stuff as well.
We might get back to this,
because Kia hasn't released a lot of details about the ProCee'd Concept.
But maybe that will happen later on.
And if we're at Kia,
I have to sit in this.
The Stinger.
Not just a Stinger, the GT-version.
I really love this car,
from the moment I saw it I thought it was great.
So now I've got the chance.
I have to say, even from the inside, it's very impressive.
It's got a low seating position,
you can get the steering wheel very close to you as well,
I'm really looking forward to driving this thing,
hopefully I'll be able to...
In the category 'small news', there's this car.
The Picanto X-Line.
It's been toughened-up according to the usual recipe,
so it's got a protective plate now, widened wings and it's been heightened.
By 1,5 centimetres that is...
The Ford Mustang was facelifted in America earlier this year,
so now it's time for the European version.
Here it is;
the all-new facelifted European Ford Mustang.
Jan, what's different?
Mostly the nose.
You can see the headlights which are sharper now and have more of an angle to them.
The grille is a little wider as well,
so you've got a sharper nose now.
Still a 4-cylinder and a V8,
but the 4-cylinder now has less power whilst the V8 has more power.
It now produces 450 horsepower.
There's also a new gearbox available,
a ten-speed automatic gearbox.
That way, you'll barely feel the difference in the 4-cylinder.
We'll see...
But if you want, you can show off with that 4-cylinder now, right?
Yep. The line lock system which lets you lock the front wheels,
in that little menu between the dials,
was only available for the V8,
but you can do burnouts at the traffic lights with your 4-cylinder now.
Ford has another facelift which they already presented in other parts of the world.
They hadn't in Europe however.
That's a whole other car;
this EcoSport.
There's a bigger grille in here as well,
just like more modern headlights.
The whole car looks more modern.
And this is the ST-line,
so it's got bigger wheels and a sportier trim.
Just like you're used to with the Focus and Fiesta.
In this particular case,
it's been painted in two colors.
Which looks a tad different as well.
The fun part is,
if you want to open the boot; you can't.
You might remember the previous EcoSport,
which had the spare wheel mounted on the rear.
You had to open the boot like this, because of the weight.
It isn't necessary anymore,
but the boot still opens like this.
It's almost some kind of appendix on this car...
Right. This Ssangyong then...
Ssangyong, small but brave, but this car is here thanks to our own Jan...
Tell us Jan, what have you been doing with it?
Well, Ssangyong is doing the Trans Eurasia Trail with these cars.
You've been able to follow it on AutoWeek.nl.
It goes from South Korea to London,
but it also visits the IAA.
And in this particular car, I've driven over 1800 kilometres in that Trail.
It's incredibly dirty Jan, wow.
- All on purpose, of course...
There isn't a lot of big news at Mazda.
The 2.5-litre engine now produces a tad more power,
a tad more torque and cylinder deactivation,
so it's more economical as well.
It's very small news,
but that nice from Mazda.
It's very remarkable that a lot of manufacturers skip the IAA,
but we'll talk about that later on.
But that's because they don't have anything new.
Even though that's the case, Mazda is still present here.
I really think this is super cool.
Not only the design, but this is the Mazda Cosmo.
The first Mazda with a rotary engine.
Of course, Mazda has a very long history with the rotary,
so this really is the beginning of all of those RX's and all of those other cool cars.
Old Japanese cars and Jan Lemkes...
Come on, let's look at new ones.
And this is one of those new Japanese cars.
The Suzuki Swift Sport.
Suzuki has quite a long history with sporty Swifts,
so this is the newest version.
It isn't a hot hatch like a Clio RS,
because this car isn't extreme enough,
but there's a 1.4-litre Boosterjet in the front,
producing 140 horsepower,
and I think it's going to be great fun to drive.
When it comes to the appearance,
there are a lot of differences with the normal Swift as well.
Especially the nose.
Take this sharp fold for example,
other Swifts don't have that.
The nose actually makes the Sport longer.
In total,
it's five centimetres longer than other Swifts.
Mini presents us with a concept car as well;
the Electric Concept.
You can see it behind me.
This car already resembles the current Mini when it comes design,
and that's very logical.
Mini aims to launch this car in 2019.
Mini Electric won't just be the name of this car,
but it'll become the name of a sort of fully electric sub-brand.
This is the first version.
It's got fun details as well,
it kind of resembles the 3-door Mini,
but the fenders are different.
The headlights have a different configuration,
the grille is now closed,
there's now a wire and a socket in there.
In the rear lights,
we now find a Union Jack-pattern.
Those electric cars are fun and all,
but it would be sad if all of those Arab oil sheiks can't sell their oil anymore.
Mini has found the solution however.
- Yep, and that's this Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept.
A lot of words.
There has already been a John Cooper Works GP-version,
and those are even sportier.
They're the sportiest Mini's available.
This is 'just' a 3-door version as well,
and it's got an extreme styling.
The widened fenders behind which you can't clean if they're dirty,
extreme spoilers and a roll cage on the inside.
we can't say anything about the technical aspect.
Not only Mini has electric news,
BMW has some as well.
This time, it's ripe for production.
It's the i3, but we already know that car.
The car has received a very subtle facelift,
which you can primarily see at the front.
The round indicators have made way for LED-lights,
so it's the usual kind of facelift.
The inside has changed as well,
the screen has gotten bigger.
I still think the interior is very special,
I really like it.
The most important news however,
is the i3s.
We're in it right now,
and just like the name implies,
it's a little bit sportier than the normal version.
It's a little quicker as well; it's half a second quicker to 100 km/h than the normal i3.
That's not the only BMW-news,
because we've got a 6 GT and a new BMW M5.
Stay tuned!