How to train for the Handstand - Πως να προπονηθείτε για το κατακόρυφο - Ηandstand Τutorial

2 months ago
This is a Handstand Tutorial 5 Steps to handstand I stil working on it, I am at the 5th step. I hope this video helps you, make sure to come back one day and ...

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Welcome to one more video
today I will show you 5 steps to learn the handstand
many people are afraid to turn upside down
this is why we will begin
of the simplest and easiest exercises and we will go to more difficult
we will start with our feet on the ground
and then we will use the stairs
to make the exercise more difficult
If you don't have stairs
you can use a chair
or anything at the height that suits you
an exercise that will help you with the balance you need for the handstand
is the frongstand
put your knees on your elbows
and lean forward
it will take you a while to find the balance
We try the handstand on the wall
start from this point and then go closer to the wall
many of us are afraid that we will fall from this standing
For this reason
it's good to know how to do cartwheel
or roll
we try it back to the wall
We try to remove our feet from the wall
and finally try it without the wall
I still need to work on this
What are the mistakes you probably do
1st mistake
The standing on the ground is this one
and you do it like this
2nd mistake you make is that you don't activate your scapula
the right thing is this
and this is the mistake
The 3rd mistake you make is that your handstand
looks like a banana (handstand)
and the 4th mistake is that you are in a hurry to move on to the next step
Now I will answer some of the questions you may have
how much should you keep each exercise?
in my opinion, 15-20 seconds
How many sets?
I would say 3-10 sets
but it is understood that you don't
have to do 10 every time
How are we moving away from the wall?
we move away by using our fingers to push the ground
How much time we should rest?
30-50 seconds
and if someone needs more time, until 1:30 minutes
When to proceed to the next step?
Since you can make some sets of 20 seconds
and you feel ready
you can proceed
How often should we train?
3-5 times a week
How can I make my program to do all this?
you can workout for the handstand
10-20 minutes before you start your workout
My advice is to find the exercise that is for your level
for example the handstand with a chair
hold it for 20 seconds
and then superset with frongstand
If you have another questions
write them in the comments
This was the video
If you liked leave a like,
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