How to request a Prior Approval for a Carryover of Unobligated Balances

13 days ago
Conceptual overview of the “carryover of unobligated balances” Prior Approval and why it needs to be requested from HRSA.

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Welcome to the tutorial on how to request
a Prior Approval for a carryover of unobligated
Let’s get started!
Once an organization has been awarded a grant…
HRSA Staff will then determine the length
of time your organization is given for the
awarded HRSA federal funding.
In this example, the grantee has been given
a 3-year project period.
Starting in 2017 and ending in 2020.
The Grantees 3-year project period is broken
down into 3 Budget periods.
Where the grantee will receive HRSA federal
funding for each budget period as long as
they’re compliant and complete the required
grant submissions.
In this example, an employee of this example grantee organization
is working on his organization’s 2017 Federal
Financial Report.
Upon completion of the FFR, the grantee has determine
that there is an unobligated balance of funds
from 2017.
In this situation the grantee must consult
with his Grants Management Specialist (GMS)
to determine the next steps.
The GMS has recommended that the grantee create
a Prior Approval Request to carry over the
unobligated funds from the 2017 Budget period
to the 2018 Budget Period.
Now that we have taken the appropriate steps
to determine the need for a Carryover Request
Prior Approval.
Let’s walk through System!
To access the Prior Approval tool.
Locate the grant for which you would like
to request a carryover request.
And click on the Grant Folder link.
On the Grant Homepage click on the ‘Request
New Prior Approval link’ under the Requests
The system will navigate you to a Prior Approval
Request - Acknowledgement Documentation Review
On this page users are encouraged to review
the HHS Grant Policy document
Before acknowledging the information listed
in the ‘Acknowledgement’ section.
Once you have acknowledged the information
in this section, click the ‘Create’ button.
Now you must select the Prior Approval Request
You will need to select the option titled
‘Carryover of Unobligated Balances’ and
click the ‘Create’ button.
You will then be required to select a Budget
Period from which you would like to carryover
Remember, this is the Budget Period that has the unobligated
Once you have selected the previous Budget
Click the ‘Continue’ button.
If all of the previous steps have been completed
You will see a 'Success' message at the top
of the Prior Approval Status Overview page.
Before you can submit your Prior Approval
to HRSA.
You will need to complete both the ‘General
Information’ and ‘Details’ sections.
Let’s start with the ‘General Information’
In this section you will need to select a
Point of Contact and an Authorizing Official
for this request.
Once you have added both the Point of Contact
and the Authorizing official, click ‘Save
and Continue’ to complete the page.
In the ‘Details’ section, you will be
required to complete all sections that are
marked with a red asterisk.
In the carryover request section…
Please enter the unobligated balance listed
in the Federal Financial Report (FFR) that
is linked to this Prior Approval request.
To obtain the unobligated balance, let’s
click the FFR tracking number link.
A new window will open displaying the table
of contents of your submitted FFR.
To access the unobligated balance, locate
the Carryover request section and click the
view link under options.
This page enter the Unobligated balance
that you will be entering into your Prior
Approval request.
Now let’s navigate back to our Prior Approval
request and enter the unobligated balance
into the carryover request field.
Were almost done!
There are three more required fields to complete
and one optional section before you can submit
to HRSA.
The required sections are
Cover letter and Narrative Explanation attachment
Budget Justification attachment
And a comment box to provide a detailed description
of the request.
There is one optional field for an SF424A
Once both the General Information and Details
sections are marked as complete, navigate
to the Prior Approval review page to review
the information that you have entered into
this request.
If the information entered is correct, click
the ‘Save and Continue’ button to submit
to HRSA.
You will be taken to a confirmation page where
you will acknowledge that the information
you entered is true and complete.
Once you have clicked the checkbox under the
electronic signature section, click the ‘Confirm’
button to officially submit your Prior Approval
request to HRSA.
Now you have successfully
submitted your request to HRSA!
You will see the Prior Approval list page
with a green success message confirming your
successful submission.
If you have any questions about creating and
completing a Prior Approval to carryover an
unobligated balance, please contact the HRSA
Contact Center at 1-877-464-4772.