How To Make Your iOS Device Ad-Free!! No Websites/hack

2 months ago
Hey guys thanks for watching hope your device is now ad free so yeah. Sorry that I haven't uploads that much videos my apologies. Leave a like and subscribe.

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what is going on guys : you guys, Golden Hero 2017
here so today I'm gonna tell you how to
block ads on your iPad I think this only
works in iOS but maybe you can try it on
Android Google Play Store something so
now let's open the app store go to the
search bar type weblock it should be
the one that says ad blocker for apps
and websites it's completely safe so
install that it's free also it's by
FutureMind it has like the stop icon
and the shield icon so click and install
and that's gonna installed maybe slow
maybe maybe we'll do fast does not
matter so I'm still installing okay open that
just click don't allow or allow it
doesn't matter so now go to the tutorial
now let's like scroll like right and
there's this thing called and I still
row couple if I click install profile
like it won't like do anything bad it's
just like it's just do or like a VPN so
click allow
I'm gonna take you to settings VPN and
and I'll have to enter the password so
there we go
so now the VPNs there and up on the top
it says web blogging a blog and able so
as you can see on the battery side
battery side versus 57% make sure you
click that check button and make sure
you get like all out of all the green
stuff dream checkmarks so let me do
those for all
okay so there's block Pandora Hulu Plus
and some other stuff you could just turn
those on - it doesn't matter little blog
stuff for that whoops go back so user
tracking scripts make sure you block
these these are important so yeah
there's Facebook Twitter Google+ and
Pinterest you don't do that because that
will block all content and don't
especially do it for you to where you
won't able to be watching YouTube so
don't click that don't click any in
there if you can if you want you can and
over there down there just block adult
sites if you have like kids or something
and you can just turn that on or if
you're a kid you can turn that on so
there's some black lists and yeah first
go to settings so on the general thing
it should be st. enable web block but
when you go down to installation it's
only active and local EP and not in the
Wi-Fi and make sure you turn on show VPN
thingy and it says Wi-Fi only and it's
inactive so click Wi-Fi click your U or
L ting click that and you selling copy
and go to settings when you go to
settings then go all the way wait so
there's a VPN thing order so go to the I
button go to the procs thingy first if
you don't have anything there put first
like just follow me as I do it click
automatic first soon as you enter then
paste that URL and save it or go back
and turn off the Wi-Fi and turn it back
Connect and sometimes when you restart
your iPad or something it may say it
like VPN turned off just turn it back on
so now it says active and you can also
set a passcode to protect all these so
my password will be 1 1 1 so there we go
that's all don't turn on manual proxy or
dummy proxy just keep it like that ok so
yeah that's a further video thanks for
watching leave a like and subscribe as
you can see I'm running on iOS 11 public
beta for here by Apple so yeah so let me
just um show you stuff like the VPN now
some stuff so let's just make sure that
the VPN is there so go to general go
down to VPN it should say connected so
oops I'm on the wrong one
ok VPN and this should say status
connected adblocking VPN and it should
be like that so yeah that's a further
video leave a like and subscribe then