How to Breed Superworms

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How to Breed Superworms.

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Hi, I'm Wendi, and I'm going to show you how to breed your very own super worms
Now the super worms that you buy at your pet store are actually the larval form of a type of darkling beetle
Specifically, zophobas morio, and they originate in Central and South America,
And they're relatively easy to breed on your own at home
Now, before you get started you're going to need some basic supplies. The first thing that you're going to need is
something to house your beetles and your worms in
Now this here is a Sterilite drawer system
and I like these because they save space and they're cheap,
and you can get these online or at any chain store
The next thing you're going to need is some wheat bran. Now,
this is the bedding for the worms, and they actually eat it as well, and the beetles eat it also.
And you can buy this online, bulk,
which really is the best place to buy it. At your local grocery store, it's going to be a bit expensive,
and it doesn't have to be organic, as long as it's wheat bran,
It's perfectly fine, and it's safe to use
Now, the second thing you're going to need is
Some water crystals, and you don't need to purchase the pre-made water crystals at the pet store
they're overpriced, honestly, and
you can do the same thing yourself for a little of nothing.
And what you can do is go to any garden center, you can go online (that’s where I buy mine),
and anything that's made to keep the soil moist [is what you need]. So, this is what I have right now,
And these are soil moist granules, and I think this bag cost $10, and this is going to last for a very long time
Now, to make your water crystals
you are going to need some dechlorinated water, and you don't need to go buy special water
You just take a jug like this and you're just going to fill it with tap water
and you're going to let it sit with the lid off for 48 hours and
after that it is perfectly safe to use
And you are going to take a jug
Like this and you're going to go ahead and fill it with water
you're going to add your granules, and you'll end up with something like this
and you can go ahead and just put a lid on this,
Keep it airtight, and you don't need to refrigerate it. This will be good for weeks, even a couple months
The next thing that you're going to need is eggcrate, and eggcrate is relatively inexpensive
It is usually best to buy bulk online, especially if you're going to be breeding a lot
Buying smaller amounts is fine, but it can get costly if you're going through a lot of this
Before you get started it is important to understand the four life stages the darkling beetle
First, there's the egg which hatches into the larva
Which is the super worm here that we feed our reptiles
Now, after about ten weeks the larva will begin the process of metamorphosis
At this point he is completely helpless
That is why it's very important to take your individual worm and put him in a container like this by himself
So that the other worms cannot eat him
Now, after about two weeks the
Larvae will turn in to the pupa
Which we have here
Now, after about three weeks
From the pupae will emerge
the adult darkling beetle
Which is what you will be breeding
Alright, to get started you want to go ahead and
take one of your tubs and fill it with about a half an inch to an inch with your wheat bran
And you want to go ahead and take your superworms and put them in there like so
Then, you want to go ahead and also add a piece of eggcrate
Now, this gives them something to climb on and a way for them to spread out and separate from one another
Because if they're kind of in a cluster, they will begin to eat one another
You also want to go ahead and feed your superworms
I prefer to feed a variety of vegetables consisting of leafy greens
So, I have some kale here, some fruit
(I have a piece of apple), and then some potatoes. Now, It's important that they stay hydrated
Because if they're not hydrated, they will eat one another for hydration
So you want to make sure you've got plenty of vegetables in there for them to drink from
But you also want to check periodically
To make sure that nothing is molding
And if it is, you go ahead and take that out and throw in the trash. Now, the adult beetles
eat the same thing as the larvae, but you want to also give them
Water crystals, and that is because it is
More important to keep them well hydrated, because they will eat their own eggs
and their own larvae, and
you're not going to get any superworms. So, they also get a piece of eggcrate and
this just gives them room, once again, to separate from one another
So that they're not stressed and
eating one another
After you've placed your beetles in their own container
It will take about
Three weeks to a month so for them to lay eggs and for those eggs to hatch
Now, in order to check
for larvae you take about a handful of your bran and
You're just going to kind of thumb through it and watch very closely to see if there's any
Larvae in there, and they'll be very very small
so you'll have to go through and look and
Once you do see the little worms moving
You are going to want to
remove your beetles and put them in a separate bin by themselves
So they don't eat their offspring
At this point,
You feed your larvae, they get larger, and then you're going to have the size of super worms that you need
in order to feed your reptiles
Over time, you will need to change the bran that's in with the larva
You'll notice when it's time to change your bran, because it'll begin to smell. At that point, you go ahead and take your worms out,
put them in a new bin,
throw away the old bran, and just wash with mild detergent and rinse well with water
If you have any questions you can message me on Facebook at Thank you for watching and good luck with your superworm breeding