How OOD Can Help Meet Your Workforce Needs

13 days ago
The first of OOD's Business Relations Video How to meet Your Workforce Needs.

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- In Ohio, employment is the
number one goal.
And at OOD, we can help businesses fill their
employment needs by making sure that they're
looking at all diverse groups, which should
include individuals with disabilities.
You see lower turnover rates, you see higher
productivity, and that should be the bottom
line for every business here in Ohio.
- Some benefits that a partnership with OOD
can provide for employers would be to ensure
that our candidates are responding at the
speed of business, that they meet minimum
qualifications for the jobs, and also it provides
access to one of Ohio's largest, untapped
talent pools, being people with disabilities.
- A lot of what we do with OOD and how they
support us is we get together and talk about
the candidates.
So, we share a lot of information between
each other on what their skill level is before
they even come here.
- We're looking for a good match between the
client at OOD and the positions that we have
at the Huntington.
And some of the jobs that we've hired people
with disabilities into is our phone bank,
our call center.
We've hired people into our hoc team, we've
also hired people into our file and imaging
rooms, we've hired people with disabilities
into several different positions throughout
the organization.
- A business is made up of its people, and
so if they're appropriately trained, if they're
appropriately incented and they work well
together, a business can grow and flourish,
and we can be very competitive on a worldwide
OOD has really helped us to get the kind of
employees that we need to grow right here,
in Ohio.
- For us, the advantage of working with OOD
is getting the training and development from
their employer representatives.
To come on site and do actual training with
our managers on disability awareness, it takes
a lot of the guess work out for our managers
so how do they handle the situations?
It's been a perfect partnership.
- So CVS has benefited from some of the extra
training that is out there for sensitivity
and that we actually brought members from
OOD here to our regional office to do Windmills
training with our district managers and regional
managers to kinda talk through, and it was
such a good success that their trying to roll
that our into our store managers as well,
to continue their education and understanding
of what it is to work with someone with a
- My grandfather, Erie Sauder, started this
company in 1934, in his back yard, and built
furniture for people, built church furniture,
he eventually became the first person with
a patent on ready-to-assemble furniture in
1953, so he was always thinking innovatively
and creatively.
But he worked with the people who were local,
and the local people had all kinds of abilities,
and some with disabilities, and he was quick
to hire the best people and train them, including
his own son, who had an intellectual disability,
and so we found that creating a work environment
that is positive, that is team-oriented, can
really build a business, we built this business
from one employee in 1934 to over 2400 employees
here this year.
And so it continues to grow and flourish,
and it's a manufacturing environment here
in Ohio that seems to be working.
- So retention for an individual that would
come through our center here is a lot higher,
especially the ones that come through through
OOD, and because when they come through here,
they're getting that initial piece done, so
they're a more prepared candidate, they get
in the store, they know they have support,
following them either between CVS and OOD,
and they know that once they're in there they
don't have to worry down the road if something
else comes up they can always ask somebody
for help.
So we tend to retain them a lot longer because
the support system's there.
- Working with OOD has been beneficial to
us because we find the right match on the
first time.
It's been great to make that connection.
They tend to stay longer, once we find the
right match, if we do the work up front, then
they stay longer, therefore reducing our turnover.
- Well with any new employee, a concern is
And, are they safe doing the job?
Is the job safe for them, does it fit them?
But what I was really concerned about, or
what several of us were concerned about, is
how the OOD folks would be accepted with the
current workforce.
But what we found out was, absolutely.
- So for an individual that gets placed into
our stores, it does increase morale in the
stores, because it's the community.
When we bring an individual in, whether it's
an individual of any diversity, it's to bring
them in to represent our communities.
And so by showing that community outreach,
and by showing that individual is there in
the store, it opens up, and it opens up the
eyes of other store members and working with
someone with a disability it creates a really
nice environment for everybody involved.
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