2 months ago
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English subtitle

I think they can find me here I'll show
you all about
although workers are getting mad at me
for according you can't stop me what's
up guys I'm Rama and today I'm coming at
you with another vlog another blog
another vlog so anyways it's my second
ever vlog on this channel and yeah I got
a little bit of support on the last one
which if you wanna check that out click
the I in the top right corner should be
right there unless I'm wrong I'm not
doing this one it might be flipped I'm
so anyways today I'm going to be going
to a trampoline park some of my friends
so yeah let's go from camera mode to go
promote there you go I'm on the GoPro
now and I'm going to go to the
trampoline park with my GoPro so yeah
let's go for the trip some fun no he
might do hide and seek for your bubble
bath to me
oh we're going to play from
hide-and-seek I'm it first
Oh Hydra corner okay how about I pop the
corner and count like and I'm cool few
minutes a minute a minute and a half
okay what do you do okay I'm gonna just
I'll be back okay
that's enough now I'm going to go look
for them now where could they be
and now let's go look for them and the
foam pit I found one I brought one they
went to the bathroom
where did this I'm Yasha
yep that's getting beeped out for surely
over there
that guy hates me that worker I found
you I found you Oh gasps OH - by the way
the camera shop might be really glad
says I don't have to dare
I'm filming with the GoPro so I brought
him in him he was like not even hiding I
was a good murder he was just killing I
don't know what way he would go after it
he's somewhere in here all the workers
are getting mad at me for recording you
can't stop me you can't stop me I see
I do
oh you can't hide from me you can't hide
from me he won you were fighting in a
foam pit all the workers pay me because
I'm recording for some reason you want
any law Oh the workers are looking at me
so much it's like not even cool look
earth the workers any words hi hi okay
hey do me a favor taking shots of to
define what the squads playing dodgeball
that worker hates me right there
I'm not playing dodge ball cause I don't
want to get my dough promesa
Yeah right
I could sub they are the salvage I'm
yo lucky just did my intro goes way way
you like today we're back instinct you
better show you what's up Michael Jordan
come at it LeBron James you don't know
what's happening hey
all right Kiki's got nothing on me boy
how do you want to do something I'll
blow your face now it's fine nothing
I said I'll blow your face out
oh this kids a savage look at this
worker oh hell and so once again another
elf come on to do a normal dumb oh-oh-oh
any channel and you shut up about it a
epic fail
oh my oh it's not gonna flop again okay
uh-huh because the normal workers are
wearing yellow but now there's a
registered dude they're watching yo
Thrones 100k guys that film no we just
took it it took forever
it's his hands once your hands like all
red he had to climb up there and his
hands are all red now yeah shut up him
he took it he took it from a floor new
terrible I'm sorry
this dude finally came up came it's all
for home are you doing oh I was sleeping
we let he played a whole card game of
hide and seek which didn't take that
long but the thumbnail took longer so
hey guys they're about to race there all
the way over there so yeah ready three
two okay fine then just go who's gonna
oh my god giveaway oh my god oh my god
hey you lost again we love you know yo
you got a draw got a big no time we look
ugly I got good hair good eye we're
playing hide and seek
again but I'm hiding this time sir
hey guys I'm hiding here I think they
can find me here
so good work if you looking at me
I'm sure see one of those I see one of
I think they can find me the hope - it's
been a few minutes a lot of kids are
looking at me over there but I don't
really care
I think the skull PUE I never take out
that's it okay I'm something outlaw and
uh okay I want oh yeah best hiding place
take those kids you just took this out
oh my god that's blood getting bigger
about punching effect you took the house
we get riding over here I don't know how
you missed there it's like five and I
can have a place use rewashing right
there we also lead yoke will have the
wristband and we're good kids and also
we're tired finished in two hours
how was it guys how was your experience
I never take out okay so we're finally
back from the trampoline park and I'm
about to go to tennis class and I might
swim afterwards or something I don't
know what I'm going to do but yeah the
water fun it's five weeks yes it's on
the GoPro but I'm going to go back to
the big camera and three two one back to
camera mode now so yeah I'm back from
tennis class and really sweaty and not
feeling well I might go swim I don't
know yet and also at that trampoline
park since I was holding a GoPro like a
go for like this big it's like a really
small camera but all the workers were
following us it really like straight up
like three workers following us like the
whole time and then some like supervisor
came out with like a red shirt but they
usually wear like a neon shirt so yeah
that was a little weird but so yeah well
I thought we're going to get kicked out
for a second I don't know why like I
didn't show it in the video because like
then they would have sauce because they
were lit upon us okay so I'm about to go
to the pool right now and cool off so
first of all I need to change so there
you go that's how you change all my
swimsuit and I'm ready to swim go
so yeah that was my quick cool off and
as you can see the GoPro does really bad
in low-light so I have a flashlight
right now yeah that's like pretty much
how bad it does so yeah I'm going to
cool off a bit more I'll see you later
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