Hemiston Raceways announcer booth2 hornets 4

2 months ago
Hemiston Raceways announcer booth2 hornets 4.

English subtitle

thanks we afford its lining up here we
got the Hornets line me up for the first
he need numbers
I guess will make me vomit
and once none of these 95.7% repellent
for that so fortunately this 970 next
and here we go with the mercy of the
hardest emptiness is holding it for a
little while with that pain 1/5 so
closely by Hannity Pearson 29 all right
we got joked on 11 lat I'll follow your
behind here oh hey J so the 29 a BP
elbow anywhere spins out yellow flag on
the track everyone caution
twenty-five meat
looks like that little collision
bend our numbers here now the Jo done
and last how
these guys can live you properly where
they won't get this going again and we
got a nice start again done there so no
need for now blasts out go a little wide
but he's following up car 29 so gotta go
they look like we got our 29 back out
here again that be Andy Pierce
we have children still hold the lead let
help remove it show us the old front
their last house not giving up though
we got Andy here's clothes they get a
little bit
Yodas old y7 come up walls behind seven
is actually jump in the truck tank is
actually dirty
okay actually on 27 we have ain't
driving it Teddy hey Smith driving
number 27 or you have jumped on him off
and showed up old
pseudo-classical come on and he beers
they gonna move in on second don't look
like he wants to give it up so Oh was
there on second of course we have a joke
done and eleven wins it though he's in a
horn of course he's 857 sponsored by
some sports fishing for fixing tire and
Greta's dog wet as well as all points
painting and special thanks to his wife
she was taken to any indicator yeah most
three four yep nice monkey
Justin five seven seven seven there's
one yes
okay there we go I wonder where little
clean if this we get ready things lined
up here
we got just a boy 251 Kendrick president
of five trees new palace seven inmates
in Marquis and for this would be the
second of the harness
but the very tight little starters it
looks like Justin oh and if you're
kidding oh we haven't gone down you look
like you are that is blows everyone toss
in there come on come on Justin you guys
stay on the road get rid of no restart
here secu things going and we'll line up
your color tree
now farm any idea what happened making
doing degree mom nice what he's remarry
he's pointing at his brother superior
line and a good start so it's still
Brenda Digimon if any I'm ready to not a
welfare tell
and that's a nice start
please Justin boy Oh ed can just rest in
there at arguing believe
right now that big difference cutting
but just avoid somebody give up yet and
Tracy snoop else seems to be one of the
squeeze Twitter as well
that's just one inch a trachea margaret
ii food fresh snow lead Tracey's uncle
don't up close behind him
whoa no no no don't go
just with that Kendra cleaning with
Tracy stupid toys coming up now under
keep it easy
as if just avoid the 51 inmates of our
team for balling it behind there
Tracy still trying to move in on
Jennifer tradition
oh please push you go on and Kendrick
pulled it off Anna Kendrick Preston and
number five 8:54 sponsored by Birds auto
breaking are you guys what I can get
somebody buddy Great Britain's bottom
are you going to be your ally yeah