Hanhen päätä ja kalapullia Hongkongissa - Tai O -kalastajakylä ja Tian Tan Buddha

6 days ago
Antti kävi tutustumassa Hongkongin ihmeelliseen makujen maailmaan. Tutuksi tulivat ainakin hanhen pää ja kalapullat. Upeita maisemia ihailtiin myös ...

English subtitle

I'm finally here in Hong Kong, properly
After spending a few days here
I feel like it's worth seeing
Hong Kong works well for a traveler
As soon as I arrived to the airport, there was a desk for Hong Kong Tourism Board there
I got great guide books there
The guide books included planned walking tours around Hong Kong, for example
And next to the desk I got myself Octopus Card
Which is an IC card you can use for public transportation
You can also use it to pay at places like McDonalds and 7/11, to name a few
On the first day here in Hong Kong I didn't really do much - I just enjoyed my time here
Delicious food and rest after a long trip
After that I left for Hong Kong Island and to Kennedy Town Terminus Station
And hopped on to a tram there
Took the front seat on the second floor
The tram makes a loop in an hour along the shore
Works great for sightseeing
Even if you'd stay here for a longer period of time, you won't run out of things to do
There are several islands here where the locals will enjoy a beach holiday on weekends
Now, let's go and see how the huge statue of Buddha looks like
There are also these six statues below the Buddha that symbolize the elements needed for enlightenment
Like wisdom, generosity, understanding, for example
After breakfast I traveled here to Lantau Island on the subway
So the orange line all the way to the final stop
From there I took the cable car all the way up
And now I saw the Buddha and the temple
Now I'll go to Tai O fishing town and I think I'll have a snack there
And do some sightseeing there, I've heard is a nice place
Only around 1300 people live in the town
And I'd assume there'd be quite a many tourists there
It's easy to get to from here and from there I can take the bus to the subway station back
So it's easy to make this sort of a sightseeing tour
You could also walk here, if you wish
But that would make the trip a lot longer and you'd need quite a good health in order to do so
I've walked a bit around Tai O now
There is a market here where they're selling a lot of fish and seafood products
And then there are these small metal shacks
Or... Shacks in general
And... Let's see what more I'll find here
It doesn't convince me this place as being "The Venice of Hong Kong", not at all
Very good! Thank you!
Very nice fish ball
It's worth visiting here for the fish balls
It went almost like in the movies
I fell asleep on the bus to the subway station
I woke up in the bus, without lights, when it was already heading back
Luckily the driver dropped me off at a bus stop and I could catch another bus almost right away going to the right direction
Now, let's go downtown Hong Kong and find dinner
When searching for a place to eat, if you don't have any clue which restaurant to pick, pick the one with many locals
They're always nice
Goose head
Not my favorite thing in the world
My Italian friend was laughing
I've stayd in a dorm room here in Hong Kong
22 euros a night
High-Speed internet
Pretty ok bed, very friendly service and staff
It's a very nice place
There's a possibility to do laundry, showers etc.
It is small, since we're here in Hong Kong and the price is affordable
But it's a nice place
It's located right next to Hong Kong park
There are nice places to eat around here
You can have a swim in a pool at the park
It's a cozy area
You can walk to the harbour
That's where the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island leaves from
We went to the harbour yesterday to see the 8 o'clock light show
The great light show was almost a bit anemic
There's also music playing with the lights
So... It was alright
I've had a great time here
Everything's been delicious, except for the goose head
It's great for shopping - you can get tailored suits here cheap and fast
An Indian guy downstairs was selling tailored suits that are ready in seven hours
It's very enjoyable here
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