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5 days ago
Did Philip DeFranco cross a line tweeting about Marina Watanabe tweeting about him and was Riley Dennis tweeting about it all worth the twits it took to tweet?

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Buster Douglas
versus Mike Tyson Ali versus Liston rocky versus
Drago the underdog proving to the world they can do it that they are just as good or
Better punch it up, but what happens when they punch back
Welcome to the Brad Lang show I am Brad Lang
What happens when you take a shot at the big kid on the playground well if you're marina?
Watanabe you play the victim and act surprised when the Internet
Internet's all over you I know I know this is just youtuber drama
But there is an important lesson to be learned so today. We're going to take a look at what happened recently between marina and
popular youtuber philip defranco see Phil posted a video a video in which he dare talk about
Can't help it. I'm old. I like the old memes
Call me old-fashioned so the article is by Miranda lar be entitled dear white people
You're never really
Discriminated against so shut up
See this was destined to go so well now Marina Watanabe tweeted out not all white people
Philip defranco needing to stay in his damn lane
Innocent enough little twitter anger bubbling up didn't at him, but marina you forgot
This is the Internet so one of Philips followers probably several
most likely saw this and brought it to his attention so he posted a screenshot of the tweet in what was
honestly a pretty non-event of a tweet saying
Me we need to stop making blanket statements about two people based on race
What the social media coordinator for at everyday feminism heard? Oh, then you've got her tweet so as
They are wont to do Phil's followers apparently put on the full-court press trolling, Miranda
Which prompted Reilly Dennis to go all white night in this epic Twitter rant if you did X to me?
It's only fair if I do X to you only works if you completely ignore power dynamics
Let's say for instance person a doesn't have a lot of toiler followers they tweet at person B
Who does have a lot of followers person B?
Probably gets hundreds if not thousands of tweets directed at them a day. It's comfort comprehend
the bucket it's an even smaller drop in the bucket if person a doesn't at
Person B. Because then it literally doesn't show up in their mentions
Maybe like one or two of person ace followers go to person B as a result though still a drop in the bucket
most likely person B
Only finds out about person ace tweets if one they intentionally search their own name or two are alerted by their own fan
number two
Meaning that they didn't even get a hey fuck you tweet
They got a look at what person a said about you you should go pone them tweet so in all likelihood
They got very few or maybe even no negative mentions at them
And if they did they were lost in a sea of other mentions you see where I'm going with this
Now let's say person B
Responds by adding person a that would result in probably hundreds or thousands of mentions to person a and person
A is the one who only gets a few mentions per day normally, so it's hugely
Overwhelming it's less a drop in the bucket and more a flood rushing over a small puddle if person B
doesn't at person a if AIDS user name is in the screenshot B's thousands or
Millions of rabid fans will still at a anyway, and it's extremely irresponsible
ignorant and ridiculous for person B to claim they have no control over what then happens to person a
Person a and person B are not on a level playing field the power dynamics are different
One tweet from person a doesn't have the same power as one tweet from person B
Person ace tweet is a little flick on the wrist compared to person B's knockout punch in the face
It's like a mouse biting a lion, and then the lion responding by biting the Mouse
It's only fair says the lion L
Oh well except the Mouse bite didn't hurt the line, but the lion bite killed the mouse
Social power is real, and those who have tons of it often. Don't seem to realize the power they have
We're all in the same platform as an excuse is bullshit. There are vast power imbalances on this platform. It's not
Discourse to flood someones mentions with your thousands
millions of followers if you're going to use your social power to overwhelm and crush someone with less social power at
Least admit you're doing that also you can whine about
subtweeting all you want, but it doesn't send followers at anybody so
Plus there are likely creators who encourage those kinds of overwhelming attacks and whose followers are especially vitriolic and
those creators obviously bear at least
Responsibility for cultivating that audience and making them feel like that's okay
Anyway power dynamics are a thing and being ignorant of that leads people with a lot of social power to do shitty things
Finally we are to the point of the video our Creator is responsible for what they say and their consequences
That being how their followers react and is it?
Incumbent on larger creators like Philip to lay off smaller creators like Miranda in short yes
You are responsible for what you say and accepting the consequences you
Might be responsible for how your followers react
And you are not by any means supposed to lay off someone because they are smaller than you. Let me elaborate
You are always no matter the forum medium or topic
responsible for what you say and the impact of what you said might be
Marina, you commented on something Phil said on the Internet someone was bound to see it
I mean just be thankful they weren't Jake Paul or rice scum fans now as far as being
Responsible for your followers, I mean that's a yes
And no situation it really depends on what you do see what Phil did here or?
What Milo did during the whole Leslie Jones fiasco?
You can't blame that on them. They are allowed to have
Commentary and opinions the same as you are if that draws you into the proverbial crosshairs of their followers
That's the Internet and to the first point you need to be able to handle that
lastly should larger creators layoff of smaller channels
I mean I think by and large you'll find that they do
People always try to punch up and call out those on the same level or above
Where they are you see Milo calls out politicians and celebrities?
Idubbbz, and h3 will call out like some Jake Paul and rice come and I'll take a crack it
I mean anyone really I mean who's smaller than me
But that doesn't insulate you if you take a shot at them, and then they respond
Everyone has the right to respond to something that said about them
guys the moral of the story is
most YouTube drama is
Caused by people not being able to either think about what they say before they say it or their
Inability to not lash out like a child when they get hit back
And the same applies to us normies. I mean just grow up. It's just words
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