HAIR STYLE | How To Sleek Ponytail On Short Natural Hair / TWA

2 months ago
HAIR STYLE | How TO SLEEK PONYTAIL ON SHORT NATURAL HAIR / TWA Hey Loves, This video shows a tutorial on how to achieve a SLEEK PONYTAIL ON ...

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Hello everyone!welcome back to my channel. It's your girl Genny and today's video, I'm back here today
with another hair tutorial on how to do
a sleek ponytail like you can see
right over here
to show you guys how I achieve my sleek
ponytail on my short natural hair or teeny
weeny afro so as you can see, I already went in with some water just to comb
my hair and soften it and also my cantu leave-in conditioner and so, now we're going in with my
eco styler gel you know just to lay down
my edges lay down everything if you
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so yeah so basically I'll just put this
hair in a bun with my elastic band as you
can see as usual as I normally do most
times and the using my eco styler gel
you know just to hold everything flat
hold it hold it hold it and I will also use my
eco styler gel to lay those edges I mean
what is a ponytail without those
laid edges come on come on!
so after laying down my edges I will be
putting my hair in a satin head
scarf and then I would let it dry you
can either air dry or blow-dry it so this
is the result of my hair right now it's
currently dry and you know me glowing and my
makeup all done and then I will be going in with my freetress drawstring ponytail
that was a long name so that is a freetress drawstring ponytail so this is not
the afro, this is the long ponytail
my sister got me this for my birthday gift so
I was like thank you so you know so
yeah it came with a net just to
protect it and it had the whole setup
already done like nicely and all that
stuff the packaging was also awesome. I just took
all the paper in it and also all the
labels and all that you know all that
stuff cut it out and there's an elastic
band that comes with this just so it can be secured to your natural hair bun like your natural hair bun
I love the texture. It's
synthetic but for the fact that it's synthetic it's
pretty good it doesn't shed a lot so
I'll going with this elastic this is a
elastic band like you can see this elastic band will help me to ensure that this
ponytail is properly tied down to my
natural hair and the little black stuff that
looks like a comb is just for you to
also comb this like you know clip it down to
your natural hair so this ponytail is going
nowhere so I will basically attach this to my
natural hair bun and then I'll just
draw the elastic bands to hold down this
ponytail to my natural hair and then
take the elastic band and then go around
over and over again
so you definitely want to make sure that
you knot your elastic band a couple times
you know just to secure this properly
and then I'll take out some of this em
synthetic hair from the ponytail and just ravel that over my natural hair bun just to give
it a more natural look and also to
secure this ponytail to my natural hair
bun just to add some extra security to this
whole construction I added in some bobby
pins you know just to secure everything
down and then of course I am very
extra went through with some headband
like cute head packer and I just used that to
you know put on my hair and then I just
combed this out and that was basically it.
I got a lot of compliments from this
ponytail please I hope you
guys enjoyed this very quick tutorial
if you did don't forget to give me a big
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will see you in my next one love you bye