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13 days ago

English subtitle

Hi everyone, I hope that you are doing well!
Today it will be a beauty/fashion related video
Because it's what you ask for at the moment
I'm doing a lot a vlogs
I really enjoy showing you what I'm doing here in Korea
But the truth is that I began my YouTube channel
to create beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos.
When I arrived in Korea, two months ago,
I immediately noticed the difference between
the korean makeup, and the french makeup
as well as clothing, which differs a lot!
So I thought it would be interesting to create a Get Ready With Me : France vs Korea
Presenting the makeup, and outfit steps
And show you how everything is so different!
I will not present any hairstyle
Because I noticed that Korean girls don't do a lot with their hair
They often have a fringe with Bob haircut or long hair
Unfortunately I can't dye my hair in black neither wear a wig for this video
Same for the eyes, you'll forgive the fact that I didn't have lenses
So it's true that...
It's hard to imagine myself as a real Korean girl!
But I did my best!
All the products that I have used are in the info section
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Let's go!
From the makeup's first step, foundation,
We can notice the difference
Because all the korean girls are using cushion foundation
While in France we are using a classic liquid foundation
Complexion is something really important for korean people
And more they are glowy, better it is
Because it indicates good health
So they ban powders
In France, we apply foundation with fingers, and blend it with a beautyblender sponge.
I am so used to use beautyblender
that it was really hard to blend really well the korean foundation with the cushion sponge!
They are using only cushion foundation,
and don't really use concealer,
while french people love using concealer
to cover blemishes of dark circles
Korean girls love really pale skin!
So they are not using any bronzer
However, blush is essential,
And it has to be really pink,
to look like a doll!
In France, we don't like oily skin
So we're always using powder to fix our foundation.
In general, we enjoy bronzing and contouring our face,
while in Korea, they don't do it at all.
They only accentuate they cheekbones with highlighter
Let's move on eyebrows.
And this is once again a really different technic
Because in Korea,
Women enjoy straight eyebrows.
They don't like arched eyebrows
So, that's what I'm trying to fix!
And they have to be full
that's why I'm filling them carefully
And it's not really natural
But it's the standard of beauty in Korea.
Eyes makeup is already done, but I promise I'll show you then!
If in Korea they enjoy straight eyebrows,
in France, we are all creating different shapes,
depending on our natural eyebrows shape.
I really enjoy well arched eyebrows,
so I'm filling them, accentuating the arch
Because it accentuates my gaze
And then I brush them so it's more natural.
Korean girls really emphasis the lips,
and their makeup signature is red lips.
Most of them are using this brand,
and the biggest trend is definitely « Bitten lips » effect!
They apply a little amount of product in the center of their lips
And blend it to be more "natural".
They don't do a lot on their eyes,
but a looooot of korean girls have eyes plastic surgery,
to get an occidental eyelid.
They usually only create a really thin eye liner line,
but never do the cat eye style,
the end on the line is always really straight.
I think it makes me a strange gaze because I'm not used to that style of eyeliner
In France, we usually apply eyeshadows
and black pencil.
I really enjoy creating a cat eye style and blend the black pencil
to have a smoky eye effect at the corner of my eyes
I think it fits me better that eyeliner
that gives me a hard gaze.
And then, lawyers of mascara!
My camera didn't film the lips part,
but you'll find everything in the info box.
It's nude, with a pencil, and a mat lipstick.
Both makeup are finished,
You can easily see the difference!
Don't take everything as a generality
but I wanted to show you the main differences.
Let's move on outfits!
You have to know that korean girls love skirts
especially really, really short skirts!
However, they never show their clivage,
they often wear boyfriend printed t-shirts.
Concerning the shoes,
they are really into sneakers,
with printed socks.
They usually wear tote bags
You can buy them in a lot of colors,
and they are wearing this bag to go to school, or shopping...
Anyways, they love tote bags!
So this it a basic korean outfit!
I will not say that this is "the" French style,
but it's mine!
I love wearing black,
I really enjoy jeans slim with ankle boots,
and a top with a nice detail
For example this laced clivage.
I pay attention to accessories,
jewelry, bags, nice shoes...
I would say that I have a quite simple style,
but chic at the same time.
With some details like for example
strass on the side on my jeans
Once again, it's not "the" French style,
but we can see a lot of french girls wearing
a jeans slim, boots,
and an unique top.
I would have worn a "Perfecto",
you know, the leather jacket,
but it was too warm this day,
but to me, it's the piece that
every french girl has in her wardrobe!
This video is over,
I hope you liked it!
I hope that you enjoyed seeing the differences
between the korean and the french get ready!
Please let me know your video ideas
This would be so helpful!
Because I really want to create things that you like!
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