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GRINGO GOES TO BRAZILIAN BAILE FUNK -- In today's vlog, we're in Vitoria Brazil, and I went to a Baile Funk party listening to MC Jefinho Faroa. Wanna see ...

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Hello guys. How's it going? Welcome to my channel, my name is Shaun and I am a youtuber from Edinburgh in Scotland
But right now as many of you guys know I'm not in Scotland
I'm in brazil, and today's vlog is a little bit different because I'm going to be talking about our brazilian cultural experience
This is part of my travel experiences here in brazil and I thought it would be
Interesting probably quite important to share it with you guys in the vlog
I finally built up enough hours since the event to be recovered enough to actually tell you the story a Baile Funk
is like a party of funk music. the funk music here in Brazil is not the same funk you might be thinking of
Funk here in brazil it's a very unique Genre of music and it is a bit of a phenomenon here in brazil
Very very very popular ever since I've been come to brazil for the last 10 years
I've always wanted to go to Baile funk funk party
but I've never made it because to be absolutely honest with you a lot of the real Baile funk parties happen in the Favelas
Favelas are the shanty towns and that is where this music grew up and started
but actually for someone like me a
Foreigner who is very obviously foreign to go into favela a real favela and go to Baile funk would probably be a little bit dangerous
so I've never really had the opportunity but
This weekend passed there was a Baile funk by an artist who is actually quite famous in old brazil who is from here in
just let me give you a little bit background a bit funk first
It grew up as I say in the favelas in the shanty towns here in Brazil is basically
Urban popular music it takes a lot of inspiration from very different places
It uses a very distinctive beat, but if I was to match it to anything that we have is probably a lot closer to
American Hip-Hop in its roots. American Hip-hop and rap in the 80s and 90s
Grew up of impoverished neighborhoods a lot of their original
Rappers and Hip-hop artists grew up from really poor backgrounds some of them were gang members and they talked about
That lifestyle well funk in brazil is almost
with the same the people who started the movement they came from
Mostly poor backgrounds that came from the favelas and they speak about their life in the favelas drug-dealing gangs violence
guns, sex, life in brazil you know lots of different kind of cultural things of the urban youth
Who live in that type of environment here in Brazil it has exploded in popularity?
There'll be a lot of people in brazil watching this who do not agree with me and who hate it
There's a lot of people who hate funk music and basically. I think they hate it because it's about a class thing
It's also a bit of they don't like the lyrics because the lyrics are still violence sex misogyny all that kind of stuff
But I just say nowadays has been toned down a little bit
And I've always wanted to go and I had the opportunity here in Victoria to go to a party what a night
We had it was amazing the artist was a guy called Mc. Fefinho Faroa, which basically means
wee Jeff
Faroa translated means Pharoah, I think
This music is quite fun the beat is infectious and also there's one part is really funny
My name is Shaun right and portuguese the closest word you have to Shaun is chao
And there's a part for many different funk songs in brazil in fact just about all of them where it goes
chao, chao, chao chao chao, basically chao in portuguese means floor and when they sing it means you dance to the floor right
So basically my name has a meaning of dance to the floor when people sing it and obviously my friends and stuff say
Shaun it's your turn to dance to the floor chao chao chao, and I have to get down
It's pretty funny the party I went to guys. I must see it wasn't a typical funk party because it wasn't in a favela
It's in one of the clubs that we always go to here in Vitoria very middle class very normal anyway
I'm going to take you back in time to that event that night
That was it my bailet funk experience here in Vitoria, brazil and it was so much fun guys like that was probably
one of the most fun parties I have ever been to in brazil like we danced a lot brazil knows how to party and
We had a really awesome party anyway guys. I'm coming back home to scotland in a couple of weeks time
I'm having such a good time here in Brazil
But it'll be coming to an end
And then I've got some really special treats for you up my sleeve from when I get home but for now
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And I hope you have a great night morning or whatever time it is wherever you are in the world. take care.