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13 days ago
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What do we do charlie I thought they were dead for worse trick Sondra bear how much you want to bet that guy dies first
Pretty no more
Winky frown what does that even mean and you're not mm-hmm not like seeing any other guys or
Of course I am meet my new boyfriend, dude
Wanted to join me and Mabel on this mystery hunt tomorrow Spira see stuff and all that that's all yeah, dude
I love doing junk with friends. Yo chadley watch out
Friends dude you're laying on my bra
Hey easy with that
genuine plastic
Ivory fave the cracks in the parking lot while you're at it. I don't want my car falling into China mr. Pines
What exactly now where'd those kids run off to?
Thank you all for coming
Hey when there's a mystery you can count on your sister?
But according to this new clue
We may have found his secret hiding place we find that author we learn the answers to everything, but just need
That wall there oh, thanks for the invite man
Of course any time you want
I've looked at it from every angle and that thing was going nowhere
I know what matters to me now, and it's finding the author of this journal. You're over Wendy allow me to put on mice
They're like ladder shoes
Boosh oh yeah
All right guys this is it
Remember whatever happens down there? We tell no one
Both stupid cool. It's like a fallout shelter or something you must have belonged to the author
This is going over my bed
Yeah, yes, I will have some of your old-timey face food. Oh
Dusty oh
Man who's this my spill in the past or the future to be scared with caterpillars on your face
Thanks get a load of this crazy surveillance room check it out dudes
Sous-sous, that is hilarious hey
You were gonna tell her today
No, I changed my mind. I am a robot. I have a metal glove it coming this never happened
He wants to tell everybody scared maybe as soon as you tell Wendy that thing you've been waiting to tell her
What is she talking about nothing Mabel's just been eating raw sugar packets again nah
Hidden lab, maybe the author did experiments down here
The only monsters are your own inner demons Dipper. That is so wise
Dipper just say whatever Mabel wants you to say so she'll let us out of here
Hurry now I scared it off, but it'll regenerate I
Wasn't expecting guests I've been down here for a very long time years
My boy, I'd love to discuss this in time, but we have more pressing matters
It's one of my experiments a shapeshifter able to take the fall of anyone or any heart
Smarter with this coat and briefcase I feel like I look smarter
To be
Thinking you know dippers jokes are terrible
Come in to me I apologize for the state, but would it be
My boy, I can't express my gratitude. Oh yes
after all these years
Can I have my journal back
What did you do to the real author?
You'll likely never find him that six-fingered nerd hasn't been himself in 30 years, but I do thank you for bringing his journal
Even better the second time it's definitely them oh
My gosh Wendy you're bleeding. It's cool. It's cool. It's just blood man. Don't freak out
well it took us into his home tricked us and tried to destroy us I
Say we return the favor
Worthy oh no, no this is all my fault if I had told you when we were in the closet
We wouldn't be in this mess
But I was too scared and now you could be hurt or worse and I never even got a chance to tell you
You'll need a fate worse that you can imagine and this will be the last form you ever take
You gotta admit we're total heroes right who wants to get some heroes breakfast, huh?
Mabel you're a visionary I
always kind of knew
Wait you did yeah, man. I mean you think I can't hear that stuff. You're constantly whispering under your breath. Ah
Well, how do you feel anxious?
I'm kind of itchy
Dude, don't be a g-man let me tell you something. I just wrestled myself
Dude, that was awkward if you can handle that monster. You can handle a little awkwardness
So how does it go? What are you here? If your potential rebound crushes? Thanks?
I'm still bummed. We're no closer to finding the author guy at least I got is
Is it just me or does gravity falls TV only have the worst movies you're watching the gravity falls bargain movie showcase
coming up next
And times are here folks only way to salvation is to embrace the triangular ways of our overload ladies
Gentlemen that creature was like 87 different faces different
Isis oh, sorry touchy subject
Anyways, they're not conscious anymore probably
They have friendly faces whoops perfect back to go there, but gravity
This might be
Maybe okay guys bill is taking over the town
Soos you're joking me let my body be your shoe. Yes, definitely absolutely
Welcome to Mabel land
And this is worse than the apocalypse - this place hurts my eyes
Oh, that's normal except for one rule which is very serious, but no one would ever break it, so it's not worth mentioning
Listen creepy puffle Spore. I'm so hungry. Yeah, I ever neaten anything except for part of my hat for the last three days ah
Can you guys just hold on a second? Do you see what's happening here? Oh Mabel?
She's at the top of the tallest tower guarded by those big buff waffle guards. There's no way to get past them
Someone hand me some syrup
There she is so scrubber Wendy
Sorry Mabel no worries bubble bear
You did what look the party never ends and now that you guys are here. It's finally perfect listen Mabel
We're not here to party all of this is crazy
I figured you might say something like courting supporting my sister and punctuating every sentence with a high five huh oh
don't mind if I
I'm sorry. I can't leave him hanging. This is crazy
I'm sorry about our fight, and I'm sorry things aren't great right now, but that doesn't mean you can just stay in here forever
Hey, take a chill pill those groans
Pudding Center nice
Actually Mabel I'm with dipper on this gravity falls is in trouble and once you're to the principal's head yes
Yes, I do
Sorry guys. I've always wanted to do that. I'll be back in just a few minutes
The body of a pro wrestler and a face you once saw on a hot sauce bottle I was never there for you
But in this world I can be your perfect. It's a trap
Don't go as in suit you can't argue with the results
People are happy here does it really matter if it's real or not for once stop listening to your head and listen to your heart
All right can anybody explain to me. Why given with our newfound
None of us can escape the borders, but Gideon let the pines family escape they're inside Mabel's bubble as we speak
Buddy Mabel's bubble is the most diabolical?
Even my stone skips are perfect, and this music is really starting to get on my nerves
I think that stuff you said about this place is right really well now we just need a plan. Don't worry
You always think of something?
Wait a minute in this place. You can be any age you want we were the same age
Maybe you and me could I don't know actually be together
You shouldn't have done that dipper. We'll watch it. We have to go back
Under article smiley face bill has you hypnotized or something are you really gonna? Let them banish me
No of course not that's my brother guys. There's got to be another way very well
The Honorable Judge kitty kitty meow meow face Schwartz teen
Odor odor this trial begins right meow
If dipper wins Mabel will return with him to the real world
But if he loses he will be banished forever and replaced with town darling dippy fresh
Look Mabel this whole thing is ridiculous, but if winning a trial is what your honor town spoke lovely ladies of the jury
My case is simple this very unrighteous. Do you think and dipper their entire lives Exhibit A?
Mabel's scrapbook second grade October 10th
Grade Valentine's Day
Hey, what's the point of all this that was in the past is your life any better now bro heart free?
Totally righteous bro are we brothers? I don't know what I think we're ready for a verdict wait
I haven't even presented my case do you even have?
Huh Mabel listen I might not have all the answers I'm not stylish
Yeah, right
You're scared of growing up and who could blame you I'm scared too
Mabel I figured out a way to fix your photo what you have a wig no, but I have a razor
We've always been there for each other
I don't know what's gonna happen in the future, but whatever it is. You don't have to fear because we'll do it together
I'm not taking Ford's apprenticeship. We've traveled to three coming home with me
definitely absolutely
awkward sibling hug, oh
Man I never noticed how bright this place's ah have I actually been listening to the same song for an entire week
You want to take Boyd's apprenticeship, I won't get in your way miss out on your awkward teen years you wish
They'll already wearing come on guys. Let's see if we can go hide out in the shack
Yes, it's in shambles just like we left it. Oh, man
What's got him dudes
Just so everyone knows we're out of toilet paper did I miss something?