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Po kolejnym sezonie serialu Gra o Tron postanowiłam odwiedzić miejsca występujące w serialu! W tym odcinku pokażę Wam, jak wyglądają te miejsca na żywo!

English subtitle

Hello my dears. Many of you knows that I'm in Croatia for 3 months
And I couldn't waste this opportunity to not visit some places where Game of Trones was recorded
And I want to take you with me
To exactly places where they record scenes and exactly frames where Game of Trones was recorded
I prepare more than 10 exactly scenes but I don't know exactly how much, here the number will show up
Yes, exactly that much
Let's begin
Footsteps Game of Trones
visited places: Dubrovnik, Split, Sibenik, Klis
Now we are in Fort Lovrijenac
Here they record scenes of the King Joffrey name day
First frame wchich I want to show you is where King Joffrey was standing
and watching how others are fighting in his day
Here he was standing
and next scene from the day of King Joffrey
when knights were fighting
and one pushed the other behind the wall
it was exactly in this place
where on pushed the other and he flyyy to the down
and here king Joffrey was watching whole show
we are still in Fort Lovriejnac and here we have next scene from day king Joffrey
where was this one knight which the king wanted to kill but instead he made him fool
because it is bad if you kill someone on the day of your name
next scene in Fort Lovrijenac is scene when Cersei is talking with Petyr Baelish
and next scene when Cersei is walking with her guards
this time we are under Fort Lovrijenac (Redfort)
scene in which Sansa is talking witch her servant Shae
and a little bit later is a next frame in which Sansa is talking with Petyr Baelish
This is the place where Cersei's daughter flows to Dorne
Now we are in old city and here we have scene where
Cersei with her guards is going to visit High Sparrow
*the true is that she isn't. Sorry my mistake
now the scene when
Cersei is going back from her walk of shame
and passes through the gate
the same place the same scene but another frame
here we have frame when she is coming to the gate
and earlier was frame when she reached to her gate
Here we have scene when sparrows were making their speeches
exactly on this stairs sparrows were making their speeches
In this scene king Joffrey is walking with his guards
and next frame where we see how Tyrion and Lord Varys are talking
with this view
exactly the same scene but another frame with the view of Fort Lovrijenac (Redfort)
And next frame where we see Shae
watching the whole panorama of King's Landing
and in this case Dubrovnik
I think that you well know this scene
When Daenerys is coming to House of the Undying
to take back her dragons
Finding this frame took me while
because it was a little bit diffrent, harder to find
this is scene when Jaime is coming back to King's Landing
without one hand
I don't remember whatever it was right or left.
Right, it was right
And now I will show you this frame
Okey, I looked one more time to the photo and this is not exactly the same frame
because I think that they put the camera high in the corner
But I think that this is really really really close to what I wanted to show you
Unfortunately we can't enter because it is after the time
but this is the exactly place where Daenerys come to King of Qarth
to ask for ships.
that's it unfortunately man is throw us out
We are now in front of Petyr Baelish debauchery house
Where Tyrion and Oberyn were meet
And they were walking, this is one frame
and now I will show you other frame
and here we have other frame
where there are walking and walking further
Now we are in the last place in Dubrovnik
and I wanted to show you scene where
Sansa is escape with this knight/jester
on this stairs escaping from King's Landing
and I must be honest with you
I don't have 100% that this is exactly the same stairs
because there are so many similar streets in Dubrovnik
and I crossed most of them
but I'am not able to say you if this is exactly the same place
I think that this is it
but for sure this is similar and for sure it was recorded in some street in Dubrovnik
So this is the scene where Sansa is escaping with jester from King's Landing
and we are escaping with Sansa because this is the last scene in Dubrovnik
Let's go further
We disconnected from Sansa and in contrast to her we escape to Split
exactly to the Diocletian basement
and this is the place where Daenerys dragons were kept
yep, this is the same basement
in the series a little bit enlarged
next frame is only few steps further
In this place was Daenerys throne
and the last place in Split that I wanted to show you
this is the scene where we see rebelion of slaves
They were running exactly this street
Now we are in Fort of Klis
In this place they recorded scenes when
Daenerys come to unleash slaves of Meereen
Now we are in Sibenik, the city which served as Bravos
and place where I'm standing is the same place where
Margaery's father come/sail to Bravos
to the Iron Bank to talk with them
Second and the last place in Sibenik that I want to show you
Is the scene where Arya
was standing under the wall and in the background we see Meryn Trant
It's all places in Croatia
I was also in one place Azure Window in Malta
There they record scenes from Khal's Drogo and Daenerys wedding
This photo I took
unfortunately now this place look like this
unfortunately, but what I can say
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See you in next film, bye bye!
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