Gone Honor - An Overwatch Story

6 days ago
Gone Honor presents us McCree, a former Overwatch hero who now lives trying to forget his past days of glory. He, who was once a notorious member of an ...

English subtitle

[McCree] All the stories,
will talk about the great achievements.
How the heroes saved the world a second time.
They'll tell you how we regrouped,
and got victorious.
But no one,
talks about the smell of the battlefield.
[Soldier 76] Tracer, we need intel
-go and report.
[Tracer] -All right.
What about our defenses?
North side's doing fine,
but we need to reinforce our perimeter.
Hurry up, I'll need cover 'till my next mech.
[Soldier 76] How long do you need?
[D.Va] Five minutes and 23 seconds.
Well, I don't think we'll have that much.
[Mercy] Let me check on you.
Better be ready, they're coming.
Okay, move to defense!
D.Va, don't get too far.
Aren't you going to say your thing 'luv?
[McCree] I'll tell you when we get out.
Good luck.
[McCree] It's been a long time since the last applauses.
and glory,
have been long gone.
Nobody talks about the sacrifices.
And there are those who fell and are now forgotten.
Honor is something only for those in victory.
And I've never howled at high noon again.