Gitup Git2p test - vlogg 001

2 months ago
Idag testar jag min nya kamera en Gitup Git 2p. Vädret är ingen höjdare, regnet hänger i luften och det börjar bli mörkt ute. Hur står sig en budget kamera i dessa ...

English subtitle

Today im going to test my new
camera, the Gitup Git 2p
A cheap alternative to the Gopro Hero line
Unfortunately, the weather is not the best today
I have also acquired an external microphone
I hope the
sound will be good
You never know when it starts to rain
We are going to drive to a gas station
This camera
I bought is a
Gitup Git 2..
P stands for Panasonic
the image sensor is from Panasonic
There is also one named only Gitup Git 2
And that one
have the Sony sensor
Ehhmmm.... Both cameras are great!
Both got good reviews
This is the latest version Git2p
Please write a coment on what you think about the picture and sound
Now we are on a road where many people have their driving test
(for motorcycle) here in Eskilstuna
As you can see, there is no line marking on the road
Which means you can
cut curves
We only went a little bit on this road
the road has more curves
and is narrower in the other direction
but now we are heading towards town
As you look at the meter, we start to run out of gas
Just one dot left on the meter
We will try to find a gas station
A buddy on...
two wheels
it feels like the fall is here
Even the street lights are illuminated
even though the clock is only 6 in the afternoon
we will go on...
on the E20 - highway
that was my thought...
But it might be boring
highway is never fun
We go into Eskilstuna town and take another way to the gas station instead
Now I have my microphone close to my mouth, I hope the sound is ok!?
I'm wondering why the camera's screen is on all the time ...
(I talk a litle bit Swenglish)
To have the screen on all the time must drain the battery
I don't know
Im sure there is a setting that turns it off
Now I'm overtaken by a moped
Feels nice to be back in the saddle again
In the future, I might be better at talking while I'm riding
Never had a vlog before
but if we talk a little more about the camera...
As I have said, it's a Gitup Git2p
It costs about 1200 Swedish kronor.
And you can find it on Ebay, it comes from China
It can handle 2K
it does not matter to me
The most important thing for me is that it can shoot full HD in 60 frames per second
They are building many new industrial facilities in Eskilstuna right now, here's another
Wondering which company is coming there
The camera manages 60 fps
It also have a very good
image stabilisator
What gopro hero 4 misses
I have a borrowed hero 4 at home
The idea is to film as much as possible with my new camera and compare
The Gopro Hero 4 accessories works great also for the Gitup Git 2
Right now I actually use hero accessories for the Gitup
It is not only the same brackets but also the divehouse and stuff like that works
As I now use an external microphone,
I can not use the original dive house
it is completely sealed
My friend has the Hero Skeleton frame
It's simply a frame around the camera
all the ports are avalible
The bad thing is that it's not protected against the weather
If if it starts to rain I have to stop, and pack the camera down
Time for some gasoline
Lets see
If we manage with this
We will not take E85
But 95
is good
13,97 kr per litre
so cheap!
almost for free
or NOT!
Just like that
This is something I feel I have to do every time, although I know it's absolutely unnecessary
It is
to take the receipt
I know that this is totally unnecessary
I'll take the receipt like this and I'll throw it !!
Strange i know!
But now it feels like
refueling is complete
Maybe it's just me who's doing this
hey that's me
I need to get me some breakfast for tomorrow
when we are still out riding
Lets go on the highway this time
This is a dangerous turn
If you want, it is allowed to take the curve at 70 km/h
I do not feel like trying it today, 50 km/h is fine...
That curve can take you straight into on going traffic
No protection against the cars coming from behind
Now it will be interesting to see how this movie has become and learn more about this camera
I think this mobile holder has bothered the view a lot
I must remove it
it disturbs the view
Ok now it starts to rain
or does it?
The fact is that it starts to rain, that's sad
Lets go!
Full speed
This is no good for my camera
Let's go to the supermarket
it rains just a little bit right now