Frisbee For The Fatherless! (Turn on Subtitles)

2 months ago
Sorry for the potato quality Microphone. I thought it was recording from my front mic, and turns out it was using my webcam =( 10/10 would recommend turning ...

English subtitle

How's it going everybody, Kevin McKearin here,
however you may know me online as jaded.
I've never really done one of these videos
before, but I figured today was the day to
do something new!
I'm going to be partnering up with a organization
called Shaping Destiny.
They run a Charity event coming up in just
2 weeks!
Well the tournament is a yearly charity event
called Frisbee for the Fatherless and it's
for an amazing cause! each team that participates
will be representing an orphan in charity
Every child that gets picked,
is going to get sponsored for an entire year!
To sponsor a child for an entire year it's
only $420 dollars.
Now I know what your thinking, 420 yolo blaze
SHOULD HELP OUT A CHILD! or do both, whatever,
The child Spring Creek Ascension is sponsored
with, is named Matthew Mbah.
I probably butchered that last name ;) He
is a sweet little kid who lives with his grandparents
and mom and probably won't be able to continue
going to school
when he grows up he wants to be an Electrician,
but his family is in major poverty because
his mother is special needs
and it's hard for her to find work, on top
of that his dad left him when he was little
and so now his grandparents raise him.
We've got 10 days from when this video launches
to raise as much money as we can for Matthew
and and the other kids in Africa.
Okay Kevin, we get it.
These kids need help, what else?
Well I want to incentivise you to donate so
I am going to take an idea from Laina the
Overly Attached Girlfriend and do what's called.....
how to do echo effects so I just made my own....
don't judge me.
First off to help me prepare for this tournament,
every single time we get past a new threshold
of $15 I will run a mile!
Now I know a lot of my cross country friends
growing up are probably laughing at me because
it's not much
but let me remind you I'm a sprinter in Ultimate
I am a Cutter, so distance is not my forte.
Plus if we reached the cap of $1,000 *does
*Sarcastically* No donation is too small,
but apparently it can be too big =/
okay whatever that's fine i will run it, Promise.
yeah, for the kids.
but let's get to the good stuff, the dares!
Now all of these dares I will be recording
on video for you guys
that way everyone know i'm good for my word!
Okay so we are going to start off pretty easy.
At $50 I will do the cinnamon challenge.
Spoonful of cinnamon, and have to swallow
Honestly this challenge has never
been an issue for me but then again raising
$50 shouldn't be an issue either ;) somewhere
in there there's a joke about me being really
good at swallowing.
Anyways, Once we reach the $125 mark which
I know we will, I will have one of my good
friends, probably Zach because he is here
in Spring, choose 5 foods, throw it in a blender
and we will either get it in some sort of
smoothie or shake form
and I will have to drink an entire glass.
I just hope there is no sauerkraut.
There hasn't been enough Ymca summer camps
to get me to like sauerkraut still to this
Umm, let's step it up a bit.
At $300 dollars, I will wear a Pikachu onesie
throughout the tournament inn Austin.
Now last weekend we played in College Station
at PB&J and it was 103 degrees, so I'm definitely
going to drink plenty of water.
But that will be I think super ridiculous
but also super funny.
at $420 dollars, first off CONGRATS we sponsored
Matthew for a year!
So how do you one up a pikachu onesie while
playing at an ultimate tournament?
I don't mean just emo kid eye liner.
I mean full on, don't I look fabulous makeup.
I'm gonna be so prettay.
Last but not least let's go big here, and
let's say we raise $1000 dollars.
Well first off that's amazing cause
then we could sponsor 2 children from Africa
for an entire year!
But we need to go big!
If you guys are awesome enough to raise 1,000
or more.
I will confront one of my biggest fears and
go skydiving.
I will jump out of a perfectly good plane,
and probably cry all the way down and you
guys will get to laugh at me the whole time
and go skydiving.
I'm literally shaking right now just thinking
about it.
My hands are shaking.
Anyways, maybe you stumbled upon this video
from someone sharing it, or maybe someone
was tagged in it, or maybe I actually tagged
you in it on Facebook.
If so there is a reason you were brought here
to watch it.
as Jesus said "It is more blessed to give
than to receive."
Not religious, that's fine?
Albert Einstein said "The value of a man resides
in what he gives and not in what he is capable
of receiving".
don't like science either?
Fine well we all remember what happened to
the Grinch when he ended up giving for Xmas.
"And what happened then? Whoville they say,
That the Grinch's small heart Grew three times
that day!".
I've got 1,400 friends on facebook.
sorry, 1,400 "friends" and if every single
person was willing to donate one singular
doller, we could reach our goal!
So let's do it for the kids!
I am excited to see what you guys can do!
as we always say in Hope City "Love God, Love
People, Change the world."