Flying Beast on Mars?

5 days ago
MARS ALIVE - Searching for life on Mars! 4K Resolution! Flying Beast on Mars This image pretty much proves everything i have been saying for a long time ...

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welcome to Mars Alive YouTube Channel
today we will be looking at more proof
of life on Mars hey guys thanks for
tuning in again this image here pretty
much proves everything I have been saying
for a long time, NASA creates fake rocks
fake sand fake shadows and fake
landscape really take a look at the
enhancement here
I think this is pretty incredible what
they're trying to hide here
what I'm seeing is this looks like some
kind of creature flying and in blue we
can see I highlighted in blue I can see
this alien being I don't know if he's
riding on this thing
take a look at the tail of this creature
I mean it looks like like a tail on a
bird where it I helps it to glide I
think if I would have hi edited the
image a little higher I probably would
have captured the wings i will probably re-edit
this image and
add it on my website I'll leave the link
below take a look here guys you can see
that the head of this beast has his
mouth open
it even looks like it has horns on its
and see the alien creature there
I don't know if he's riding on this beast
NASA must use a computer software to
cover all this stuff up it almost looks
like they create a fake landscape on top
of what they want to hide
like we're not seeing the true landscape
of Mars and nothing is real it seems
let me know what you guys think of this
Mars anomaly leave a comment below don't
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very much guys for watching see you next
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