(Filipino Reaction) WANNA ONE - Beautiful MV [ENG SUB || CC]

5 days ago
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English subtitle

All I wanna do, Wanna One
Annyeong Haseyo, This is Nat
And today, Wanna One just released their latest song
which is called "Beautiful"
from their album
1 - 1 = 0
Nothing without You
I've been waiting for this comeback
cause I've been waiting all day
And I was like "It's 6pm"
Then, I look at it again. It was KST
Which means 1 hour in the Philippines
Which is 5pm
The music video has been released
I'm expecting that It won't be sad
cause I cried a lot on the teaser
Like what I've said, my bias are
Ong Seongwoo
Kang Daniel
Park Jihoon
I'm a Wannable
PH Wannable
I even have OngNiel here
Let's do this
Oh My God, I'm so excited
I don't wanna cry
3, 2, 1 Go
It's an 8-minute video
All of the entertainments
Wanna One Studio
That was Daniel
I wanna cry already
Jinyoung ah
I'm teary eyed already
Ong Seongwoo
Jihoon ah
Daniel is a janitor
Then, Jihoon is a
Jihoon being so manly
Oh My God
Jisung, Jisung
Ong Seongwoo
I'm teary eyed already
This is Taekwondo
Is it Taekwondo? I don't know
Ha Sungwoon
Daniel is also searching for Seongwoo
What was that?
I'm so proud of them. Oh My God
Ong Seongwoo
There! They will so each other.
Oh My God
Oh My Gosh
They are together now.
OngNiel *points at OngNiel banner*
They are now all friends
Daniel bought the motor
The song is nice
It's not sad
but why am I crying?
Jisung said "sorry"
Jihoon. Jihoon. SangNamJa (Manly Man)
I have to wipe my tears
I'm happy that they're together, Ong Seongwoo
OngNiel. I'm really happy Daniel
Jihoon ahh
Jihoon. run. Jihoon
Oh My God. who's that?
Who who?
So this is an action film
A while ago it was drama now, action
Oh My
His arm was beaten
Who did that? who?
Who did that? I'll hunt you
Oh My Jihoon
Who fought with my Jihoon?
Wow, Daniel tho
I'm so happy that they're together
but who fight with them?
What happened?
That's why on the teaser, Jihoon was wounded
Seongwoo lend his self so they will not be arrested
*dances to the song*
He sold his motor
The music video is beautiful. It has a lot of emotions
I'm really happy
Knowing that they just debut
Offering this kind of music video
I'm proud of them
I'm really really proud of Wanna One
Ong Seongwoo
Daniel and Jihoon
Go Daniel
Ong Seongwoo Fighting
Oh, this was the intro
Now, I get it. Why Daniel is boxing
At the start, I was like "What's happening?"
Lord, I wish this will have a happy ending
I'm nervous
Who punched him? I'll hunt you
Who punched Daniel?
Oh My God
Ong Seongwoo and Kang Daniel both fall
Oh My God
Daniel don't. Oh my God
I don't know what the ending *wanna cry*
but It's great *wanna cry*
Shit, I'm crying
Why is the ending like that?
It's not a happy ending
I don't really know what happened to Seongwoo and Daniel
Let's internalize that this is just a music video
and they are all okay
First, their acting skill are great
Seongwoo, Daniel and Jihoon
Everyone, even Jisung, everyone
Of course, the three
I'm so proud of them
*wipes tear*
Calm down 3x
Right? We're so proud of them
First, the song is great
Second, the music video is great
it's really really beautiful
I know you're also emotional
I know everyone's reaction was crying
we're really really happy
If you cry, it means it's beautiful
Okay, we have to smile
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*sing Beautiful*