FFXIV - The Royal City of Rabanastre - Blind Run fails (2 first bosses)

13 days ago
Fails compilation and reactions in my first attempt to clear the new 24-peeps raid on FFXIV. Videos from Final Coil of Bahamut and Zurvan here: ...

English subtitle

I want to watch the cinematic.
*Final Fantasy Tactics OST*
I love those questions marks...
Like "I have no idea where I am"
Dude, did you see how disappointing was Ramza's butt??
"Mateus the Corrupt" (in Spanish)
This music is from the FFTactics, right?
Oh, there is a ball. I want to hit it.
I have the feeling that I should do something but I don't know what.
Ah, ah! I'm linked with something!
I'm linked with something and I'm tanking...
I'm dead...
I'm dead... right?
I'm dead, am I right?
Andrés: I'm seeing people picking up the balls
I'm hitting a ball >:D
Healers must pick those balls up. They are healers for a reason. - Eiko 2017
*gasps* Shit!
*Weird uncathegorized panic sounds*
What the fuck...
...what the fuck...
There, at the south
Gonna use the barrier, dude, I'm not trusting.
Fuhuhu... See ya.
Woah. What's now?
Andrés: Woah, the tanks.
We are Alliance A. Well. I'm hitting this one.
They are linked, uh?
Andrés: Yeah, they should split them up.
Did you see that Mateus's Aether how is going!?
We are going to die. x3
We are going to die...
Andrés: To the top
I'm using the barrier again because I AM NOT TRUSTING ANYONE.
Woah, dude
What the fuck is that.
Aye, hello Ramza :D
Can you give me a clear explanation about what the heck is that?
Andrés: One of those summoned monsters.
There is a black hole.
*Spanish gasps* what the fuck is that.
Andrés: I don't know but it is about to fall down.
Eh, that Divebomb was clearly visible.
Hey, and that tower-
Ok. That tower hurts.
Woah... Well now-
Another Red Mage, dude!!
What's that?
Andrés: You should kill it.
I'm hitting it.
*Moar Moans*
Andrés: Yes of course, come with me, boy.
We are a bunch of assholes!!
Yeey :D
"Don't stack Stacks."
There 2 towers now!
*Singing* I'm tanking~
I'm having Flashbacks
*Final Coil of Bahamut Golems Flashbacks*
Again "Submision Tower"?
Andrés: A really big one.
Andrés: Well, "one"
What's this? "Soars"?
"Soars 2017" (The return :P)
*Soars from Zurvan's fight flashbacks"
*OMG Skip Soar you noobs*
*No skip Soar, disband party, Blacklist, OMG*
*Slow sarcastic clap*
Andrés: Perfect
Wait, I want to know how to do this because I see it-...
One arm is on fire and the other is not!!!
I got it! ;)