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so today I'm going to be doing the chubby bunny challenge and the cinnamon challenge and
answering frequently asked questions today so
let's get started question number one
how old are you I'm 14 as it says in my
description and second question how many
siblings do you have I have three I'm
the youngest and then my brother
and then my other brother I
can't even talk and then my sister is the
older how many dogs do you have
I have three dogs or what type of job
one of that no two of them are mini
Aussies and the other one is I mean
we've had over here like 13 years I
think I don't even know this is not
straight and it's gonna make me so
annoyed oh I'm gonna be getting braces
soon I forget braces because of my hair
oh my god six Ritchie's don't really
trust me okay so our water with the
cinnamon challenge because I heard it's
gonna be really bad I didn't know what
kind of cinnamon I gave it we have
ground cinnamon some likes all of this
much oh my god
this tastes really gross my throw is
gonna be super duper sure okay oh my god
a few moments later two thousand years
later it tastes so bad to look it's like
you can't even really talk but that's
some of this salmon right there I miss
this pink and I spit it on their side I
would go and I would go back to my room
I said I'm just gonna make yourself drop
but it the cinnamon tastes absolutely
good stuff if you're new to my channel
make sure you subscribe it that
subscribe button term I post
notification now if you want to be
notified when I post now oh that's stuck
on you okay I don't have any more
marshmallow Parenteau to make s'mores
man again chubby bunny challenge just
sticky it
hey it's you hi look
wow I look amazing chale chale is for