Example of a Hours of Service fail + Toyota Give-Away

about 1 month ago
Until long haul truckers are paid for every hour they are on duty, the ELD system will only create a larger driver shortage. Just my opinion. Also I touch on a few ...

English subtitle

Currently sitting here at a customer in Michigan offloading a load of honey
and I
Just want to complain a little bit about why?
the e log system
Is a huge fail and will continue to be?
Shippers and receivers are the last people who care about
a truck driver over the road truck drivers
In the USA we are given 11 hours to drive in that a zip from the time you start your day
You have 14 hours to drive 11 hours
And you know what that's enough, I'm not complaining about that, but herein lies the problem
This particular receiver that I'm sitting at I got here at
the current time is
(having a issue translating CSTto EST while talking)
Almost three minutes away from
What is that 14:57 saw
Almost three o'clock in the afternoon
So 12:30 1:30 2:30
So two and a half hours, I've been in up against the dock
I've watched them take a lunch break a coffee break and this ship change
To be fair they ended lunch when I arrived.
My next plan has me in Shelby, Ohio an hour are a hundred and forty-five miles away. This is Friday
I'm supposed to be picking up a load to go home with and
I'm supposed to be there at 4 o'clock
a hundred and forty five mile if I was leaving now a
Hundred and forty-five miles. I have an hour to get there
not gonna happen
GOOD thing shipper was open until midnight
So again until
Shippers and receivers are
Penalized for keeping the truck in their dock
For a long period of time there's no excuse for this I had sixty five barrels of
Honey there probably about halfway done
Not every customers like this
But there's still too many of them
way too many and
That my friends is the reason why I have had it up to here with this industry
the rules and regulations for truck drivers just keep getting piled on and piled on and worse and worse and worse and
We are just supposed to sit there and take it well our pay shrinks
They wonder why there's a driver shortage
When a driver goes through a truck driving school and comes out here to the real world to see what it's really all about
They don't stay I bet you, and I'm guessing but I bet you 75%
Those who go through the system to find out what they're up against
My guess about 75%
Once they see their first paycheck they go, are you kidding me?
Are you really kidding me?
because it's
the most money I made in trucking was
1989 that year was the best year I ever had in trucking
1989 this is 2017
28 years ago, WOW!
Crazy isn't it cost of everything is going up-up-up-up-up-up-up
Drivers wages stay the same
I'm retiring to
Thailand while that's the goal and
if you watch my other videos you know that I'm giving away my
2013 Toyota Tundra I
Need to do that
In order to settle some my affairs and in order to give it away. I need
Subscribers I need views and that's it. I'm not asking you for money
I'm not asking you for a handout if you want to support my channel
There's a way to do that, but I'm not asking for that. I'm looking for subscribers and views once apparently
once a
Youtuber has reached a certain amount of subscribers and views it gets monetized to the point where I will be able to give that away
That's exactly what I'm gonna. Do there's gonna be details about that to follow because I'm still ironing out the details and
Exactly how that's gonna play out so that's why
Every time you see one of my videos from this point on there's gonna be
information about that added to it, so I'll leave this here for now and
Thank you for your time
Play fair play nice. I'm done. Bye. Bye
Saawatee kaa