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Give me, give me, give me.
It's sad to see only 30 bullets, but let's go...
I think I heard a guy here.
I heard.
Then you're desperate, huh?
What? There's another guy!
I want to introduce you to MacGyver.
The guy who takes one shot in the helmet and two in the chest and stays alive.
I don't know if you guys knew him but now you do.
Helmet 3.
I don't even know what I want from this airdrop... an RPG, you know?
Because I'm full loot. Literally full.
He stopped further back, right?
Why did I reloaded???
I had 30 bullets still.
I already have an Extended Quickdraw...
So I just have to pick up the...
...just have to pick up the Military Vest 3 full and let's go...
I missed.
But not twice.
Was that needed?
Fuck! I quickscoped him really quickly, huh?
Look, another guy...
RIP Wheel.
Fuck! Almost!
Ended up finding another guy.
Ohhh, he killed!
This is risky but I don't care.
Hey, MacGyver!
I didn't hit you 4 times, did I?
He did this, now he's going to pick up the sniper and try to shoot my face.
I'll heal up first before facing him up.
If I face him up now, and he shoot my face, I'm dead.
I'll heal up.
Did I see a guy behind? I think not.
Nice try, my friend!
But you have to remember that I'm good.
I don't know.
Yeah, this guy doesn't play very well.
How wasn't that a headshot?
Gotta be kidding!
There are people coming out of the forcefield based on what I've heard.
One died?
The guy inside the forcefield died?
I think the other killed him
He started to run out of the blue.
Calm down, bro!
I'm just looting here very quickly...
Hasty guy!
I'm leaving now because later...
There's another guy down here...
I think I'll walk from now on.
I don't know if he's back in the car or if he's on foot
I think he's on foot
I'll climb here and try to find him later.
Oh, I found!
I'm like this...
Because I can get to cover in this rock on either side
I just have to find him first.
I found it.
I can't believe he lay down.
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