Dragon Ball Super - Jiren's Origin/Secret Exposed

22 days ago
Dragon Ball Super Jiren The Pride Trooper's secrets and origins possibly exposed. What's up DB enthusiasts my name is RBG and welcome to another Dragon ...

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So...I have another channel with 160k plus subscribers and I've been getting a lot of questions why I don't upload on it anymore.
Let's fix this issue
What's up DB enthusiasts my name is RBG and welcome to another Dragon Ball Super discussion.
It's been a good minute since I've given you guys DBS related videos and that's soley due to the fact that I was drained.
I guess you can say that I was burnt out on giving my thoughts on the series and simply wanted to turn my brain off and enjoy it.
And I have to say like a lot of fans have had very mixed feelings about Super,
like when it comes to keeping me engaged this show's batting average is laughable.
And that's mostly my fault because I crank my expectation levels up way higher than they should be for a series that's not that intellectually profound.
With that said I felt I would be doing more ranting than actually reviewing DB Super so faded out of the community and slowly jumped into the Transformers community.
But anyways as I mentioned there's a lot of you guys who occasionally clock in to see if there's a chance I'd willing to come back and to that I'd have to say yes.
But here's the thing, to keep everything structured I want you to actually go to my DB Super channel,
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Now, as you tell by how I'm talking these won't be the usual articulated RBG analogy videos that you're accustomed too.
There'll be no laid out scripts where I try my hardest to paint a vivid picture for my listeners,
this'll just be my off the convos about DB Super topics with minimal editing.
Now with that said I feel this is the time that we actually expose some niggas.
Like as you read by the title we're here to expose, Jiren. Mr. "No flex Zone," Mr. "why you so pressed?" AKA "Put em in a coffin."
The guy goes by many aliases, and we know he's that guy that's recently given Dragon Ball Super that narrative thrust it's so desperately needed.
Because let's be honest there's not really been that many characters that have been enshrouded in mystery and talked about like Jiren has
He's been the topic of conversation since the Survival Tournament started and there's so much to his character.
Like I know there's that minority that says that he's 1 of those obscure characters who's overpowered for powers sake,
like he's been written out of some of the tightest situations where we thought he was legit done.
He's deflected the Genki Dama with minimal effort and has made the element of time a none factor.
So I can see why a lot fans, mainly the Hit fanboys would be in their feelings but that's none of my business.
But I think if Toriyama and to some extent TOEI actually give a backstory on why Jiren is able to get away with these things angry fans will be more lenient.
If I'm gonna be honest I think Jiren is 1 of the most interesting characters from an aesthetics standpoint.
Now these are just my opinions but our grey pride trooper doesn't really adopt the typical design philosophy of your usual Dragon Ball Z character.
I mean you can say that's basically due in part to Toyotaro's art direction but I still like to think Toriyama still has a lot of input on what each character looks like.
I strongly believe that Jiren was intentionally designed to look like a bootlegged version of Prometheus
or more so the humanoid alien from the movie titled prometheus.
1 could also argue that he fairs quite a resemblance to the the commonly known Gray Aliens
but those typically lack any type of muscle structure. Instead their bodies are unproportioned, and mostly elongated.
I know some of you say I'm reaching with this theory but just hear me out.
For the most part we all know that Toriyama barrows a lot of inspirations from various cultures and media.
Since we're on the topic of Aliens look at Freeza.
It would be stupid to try to negate the fact that his 3rd form was inspired from the Xenomorphs from the Alien movie franchise.
And we're seeing similar instances again in the Survival tournament.
Like how Universe 11'S God of Destruction, Belmod looks like the Joker and Marcarita bares a striking resemblance of Harly Quin.
Those were some of the most talked about characters when they were unveiled but I think people totally glossed over the point that Jiren looks like Prometheus.
I'd even go so far to say that this nigga looks like a jacked up version of the Lorax, I'm just Saiyan.
The reason I compare Jiren to that of Prometheus and to the lesser extent grey aliens is because he has this enigmatic backstory.
Some of the small facts known about him is that he's the only quote on quote mortal that the Gods of Destruction can't go toe to toe with.
He's even worthy of being a God if I'm not mistaken.
When look at him and his overall backstory he sort of puts me in the mind of the old biblical stories about the Watchers.
The fallen angels who descended from the heavens and became fixated on man and began throwing some serious mushroom tip action on the human women.
I can't help but think this because the Watchers were almost on par with the God most religions revere today, similar to how Jiren is with the Gods of Destruction.
Many DBZ enthusiast knows that Toriyama is big on using esoteric/spiritual elements in his world building.
From the Budhist Mythology to some of the things most fans look over.
Like how Goku exempts some of the traits so called Aliens do today, like teleporting in the blink of an eye, hence the instantaneous transmission.
You can even say him and Vegeta mating with humans, thus expanding their Saiyan lineage
is similar to what the Watchers did when they mated with the humans and created the Nephilim.
Yeah I know I'm gonna be getting comments like "you reachin' bruh" on this video but hear me out.
Jiren for the most part is a Watcher. He watches things or for lack of a better term, he observes things.
Them limousine tint bug eyes serve a purpose to his character mystique.
Like I dunno if anybody has picked up on this
but it seems like most of his actions seem to revolve around him doing some weird stuff with his eyes and repelling his opponents attack back at them.
He even had 1 of Universe 2's fighters shook at a glance. Just what is going with my boy?
Like I'm seeing his eyes go from Blue to Red in certain instances in response to a certain attack.
Even the latest opening intro of DB Super eludes to this attribute being a main focal point when they blatantly zoom in on Jiren's eyes.
The dude's so fast he can respond in the blink of an eye.
I'm thinking he's the next step in evolution or something.
Maybe this ocular ability allows him to see the universe in ways others and for the most part God's don't.
To me he IS the Prometheus/Watcher of the Dragon Ball Universe.
He has that perfect athletic build that does that Tacky Pride Trooper outfit some quote on quote Justice compared to Lorax and Beerus 2.0.
I'm still wondering what his purpose is, like why would he even consider joining the Pride Troopers?
Does he have a similar sense of Pride or is he doing this to simply observe that Universe?
And now that Ultra Instinct has come into play I can't help but wonder if he wields this ability.
After seeing him deal with Goku in this state, 1 can only guess that he probably knows how to use ultra instinct as well.
Since it's been stated that the technique is so rare even the Gods of Destruction have a hard time mastering it,
I think it's safe to assume that Jiren The Gray has. If he's really able to stomp a God with little effort.
Maybe him taking time to meditate means that he has an ace in the whole or some shit that will blow all our minds.
I'm just hoping that we get a little more intel on what he is because he can prove be a mainstay in the series.
Like he's not really a villain so the Z Warrior don't necessarily have to worry about him going ape shit to destroy the galaxy.
It is with strong belief that he simply wants to exist and continue to observe things to continue evolving.
For all we know Jiren can be 1 of the oldest beings in the Dragon Ball Universe.
Anyways what do you think of this topic, l wanna see your thoughts on what you perceive the mysterious Pride Trooper, Jiren The Gray to be.
Do you believe there's more to his motif?
And do you think those eyes of his are dimensional doorways, like your boy does?
I wanna know.
As I mentioned earlier I originally planned on just watching the series and not giving my opinion like I use to.
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