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2 months ago
DIY Fabric Pin Board using a Picture Frame. Customizable! Perfect for any room or office space! Watch in 1080P! - You can use any old frame or purchase a new ...

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Hey guys! I made this pin board for my
daughter and she absolutely loves it!
Keep watching and I'll show you how I
put this together! Let me show you all
the materials that I used to make this
pin board
The first thing I'm going to do is
remove the glass from the frame and
safely dispose it since we won't need it.
Keep in mind that you can purchase any
new frame to do this, but if you are
going to use an old frame that you
already have just make sure it still has
the backing to it
The next thing I want to do is cut the
cork material so that
it fits inside the frame. To do that I'm
going to take the backing of the frame,
place it on top of the piece of cork and
then trace it
Okay, so now that I have my piece of cork
cut out I'm going to hot glue it to the
mat board. I'm going to do this so that
the cork material will be nice and flat
this will make it easier for me to lay
the fabric on later. If you're using a
frame that doesn't have a mat board
don't worry you can use the back board
which is also known as the backing of
the frame
Next I want to cut out my fabric to make
sure I have enough fabric but not too
much. I'm taking the back board and
placing it on top of the fabric and
cutting off any extra
Okay, so here I have my fabric that I cut
out earlier, a foam brush, and modge podge
This is the step where I'm going to
modge podge the fabric with the cork
material. Doing this will bond the two
together nicely. To make sure I only
apply the modge podge where it is needed
I'm going to take my piece of cork, set
it on top of the back of the fabric and
trace, then apply my modge podge
Now I'm taking my Mod Podge and I'm
going to apply it only in the section
that I traced because that's where my
cork is going to be placed on, it's going
to be placed on top of the modge podge
After placing my piece of cork on top of
the modge podge now I'm going to take
the fabric on the sides and hot glue
them to the mat board. I'm doing this
so that the extra fabric is secured in
place and is not hanging out or in the
As you can see here I've placed my
fabric covered cork inside my frame. Now
I'm just going to take the back board and
secure the frame just like how you would
if you were securing a photo
The last thing I'm doing here is just
smoothing it out and making sure that
everything is in place. So here is the
finished product! Give it a try and let
me know how it goes!
Thanks for watching guys!