Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PC)- Week 1 (Part 2)

2 months ago
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English subtitle

dr. Janet left top ten is this what this
is gonna develop and do is just us
saying laptop chain as quickly as we can
okay eventually this is gonna turn into
publicly now carefully thank you fuckin
tutorial no you can't fuck I didn't see
don't tell me what to do did you wait
are you kidding were you going to move
on fight you yeah you're too far away to
fight you know I know it everybody knows
don't make me gangam style you so hard
should I should I be scared oppa gangam
style actually really it's pretty pretty
you're pretty fancy I gave you a
compliment instead of n so how do you
take it I don't know how I should feel
somehow I feel violated yes
oppa Gangnam style
okay come on your style I'm not sure
that was supposed to meet all the
underlining sexuality just how this game
is all about lolly Colin what are we
talking about I don't know good me
don't Google Alikhan kids oh why not
it's so wonderful what not even gonna
address that address what can I said
it's wonderful
exactly see you up above hey France you
have gone to hospital you should make
everybody shut up shut up shit oh never
mind thank you for the money
that's different
this used to be a girl
I'm so confused all these things that I
thought was the same is no longer the
same and it's taking me for a loop
get fucked so sexual
let's see I can't wait so I can get
somebody so I can name him Cooper why
you name everyone after me because when
you can name me do you explain this to
turn over dear man huh turn of
endearment you guys for an explanation
it's not my fault you don't like the
explanation oh dear you so hard why I'm
a piece of shit exactly do the stream
exactly why got a piece of shit good
then I'll make you stronger oh don't
make me the strongest piece of shit you
can't defeat this logic because there is
I'll defeat whatever logic a wine in
there there
it's a good Lance can I listen to music
and be on discord at the same time I'm
like oh you're not trying to worry about
push-to-talk it shouldn't be an issue
what as long as you're not trying to
worry about pitch push-to-talk it
shouldn't be an issue push the talk is
the only reason why there would be an
sweet well I mean how would I hold
push-to-talk work on my phone pretty
well actually
though I didn't have to have that app
open to use it well
cool least I can listen to music doctor
on my phone at the same time it's pretty
cool render that doc forbid my voice
isn't just good enough for you to listen
to all the judging
now you don't active proof that you
do you still hear me yes okay
the only thing that sucks about using
discordant Spotify at the same time is
the song quality is super low I wouldn't
know anything about that
I also started using um OBS studio I'm
gonna try and use my laptop again no
this actually has better sound quality
but does it actually it really does I
mean how how I don't know it you sound
better around here for right now
I don't I don't really want to use my
desktop because I gotta move stuff out
of the way that's like a lot of thought
you're on your phone I can't I can't I
can be on my phone and sit on my bed at
the same no this doesn't concede to my
reality I refuse to be on my phone and
my bed I can't accept this reality oh my
god I'm sorry if like it I've ruined
your entire life which is myself input
not compute command not volunteer
oh man I should please tactics advance I
forgot about that game you're a game Oh
or file fantasy 14
no I shouldn't why would you play 14
let's the MMO one was that one any good
it was okay for I preferred eleven to be
honest eleven was great I like lemon I
think that was more because I was back
in the time where I actually enjoyed
mmo's more I don't have time for those
anymore you're telling me there's no
reason for you to say it like that at
all why would you do that
can't I just be me what what what are
you watching a stream look I'm gonna
throw bunnies at these guys and she's
fuckin overpowered
oh my god oh my god they're framing
through outer space well yeah this is
like tactics but like more 3d and better
animation oh very much better I'm also a
sample I'll let you listen to the voice
actor don't meet myself well I mean I'm
not gonna listen to it because it's
gonna be playing for my laptop and
that's just gonna play back through the
stream I ain't about that life
especially considering it's gonna be a
delay to go to mute be rude I have
extremely forever I can't really stream
anything that I want to stream anyways
what's that Oh graphics card oh yeah you
still haven't got that issue it's such a
way to get oh that's right
whenever you shoes I can call between 8
a.m. and 8 p.m. you sir mind what
whenever you choose I can call between
these very specific times never mind I
should probably take care of that call
this real quick
apparently they tried to send me a check
for something don't know what it's for
what you do like how this game looks
doesn't don't you yeah it looks pretty
cool yeah it's pretty fun like it took
all the elements of tactics and just
builds up on it to make it a better game
tactics was fucking hard but I came got
like really hard really quick I didn't
have the same experience but I don't
know if me younger me was just great at
final fantasy games cuz like I have the
same thing when I tell people that final
fantasy 12 was a breeze for me like I
don't remember playing that claim longer
than a month of beating it and I beat
that game within less than a month
period of time while I was still in
school so I was even playing it 24/7
every game just required way too much
grinding I didn't grind all that much
you must have gotten fucking lucky a lot
well the thing is like I was a fucking
beast with the quickening shit
mmm like all the fights were just me
getting like super high chains with
quickening and ending it quickly
remember what that is I didn't play that
game enough quickly it's like the
quickening is the equivalent to like
Limit Breaks you the thing over and over
again does all the cool fancy effects
and does a shit ton of damage
I've been wanting to play Final Fantasy
games I really want to play nine