Dingen - Contemplation from the cockpit - Sittbrunnssnack

2 months ago
We contemplate, from the cockpit, about the work on the boat this spring. Wash and polish outside and inside with for instance Nano Gelcoat sealing pro by Lion ...

English subtitle

This is nice.
Yes hahaha...
The main sail is on and now I only
have the Lazy Jacks left to do.
Unfortunately, I have to drill in the
boom and it doesn't feels wrong.
But can't you use a flat end screw
and just lock them to the boom?
Yes, there will be no
major load on them.
Yes, then we'll try that.
But as I said, there has been a lot
to get the boat ready for spring.
To change the tank sensor
was a real headache.
But you made it.
With rust removers,
hacksaw, drills, curses and
lots and lots of rust.
The previous tank sensor
was just a rust lump
despite it's been in
diesel all the time.
I do not know where they
found that tank sensor
It was not me who put
the first sensor there.
What a relief, it
wasn't you fault.
Yes, what a relief.
But it was a real headache
to pump 90 litres of diesel
despite I though the tank
was empty when I started.
We started, I mean.
90 litres of diesel, it
was no fun, hand pump.
I removed the manhole cover and
looked down, then I went home.
It was all the way up.
Claes, you have some diesel left.
How sad to throw it all away.
Yes, but it looked horrible.
It was a green sludge and some
water at the end. Not so good.
Now everything is fine,
the tank is clean.
What else have we done?
We have been talking
on the phone.
That is pretty much what we have been
doing. But you have done a lot more.
Relieve anxiety over the phone.
You have cleaned the boat, all
the places that are not visible.
Yes, I like the idea to ignore the places
that are visible, to clean them last.
To work inside and out.
I sleep much better when I know
it's clean behind the hatches.
If you close all the
hatches when it rains.
Yes, well, let's
drop that thread.
We all start out as children.
Well, 50 years and still a child.
That is how it should be.
That's why one has a boat.
The thing with problem solving and
the ponder and the frustration.
And just when one start enjoying
the fruits of ones work
it is time to haul the
boat out of the water.
You have the boat
in the wrong place.
Do you think I will move
a couple of docks away
or are you thinking
of something else?
I'm thinking about some
docks further south.
Absolutely wonderful,
it was a good start.
Soon a sailing is coming up,
we'll see where we are heading.
Yes, it's going to be nice.
I am really worn out working at the
boat, I was cheering via the phone.
And I did cheer really well because
the boat became magnificent.
Claes, you missed a small spot, yes 2
meters further back, yes there, thanks.
Great, and we'll see where we're
heading, Lasse. It will be exciting.
It's nice, you'll make some
distance with this one,
compared to the other
boats we have sailed.
Yes, it is quite a
long range cruiser.
It does not need a lot of
wind to reach 7 knots.
It is so nice.
Earlier when were reached 5 knots,
oh, we are sailing in 5 knots!
Surfing the waves.
The boat is a bit fiery
when it's windy.
I think one needs to be active.
One needs to be active when steering.
But it's fun.
Well, yes, but after 8 hours
it's not as fun anymore.
Then it's not that fun anymore.
Or you can reef,
it's just to choose.
Yes, but we wouldn't have reefs would we?
Reefs was for cowards.
Yes, right, it was cowardly to have reefs.
No, one have to be careful about the sea.
It is so nice just to sit here.
It is truly a rest for the mind.
A rest for the mind and a
lot of chat and just relax.
It's absolutely perfect.
And tonight it's
time to go home.
But that's okay to,
it's nice to come home
and relax.
The advantage this spring was that we
tested different kinds of some agents.
You used this nano
shit as you say.
Yes, and now it has penetrated into
the smallest parts of my body.
Yes, it penetrates and
we'll see the result
in a few years. Atherosclerosis
won't be possible.
No, it flows well,
it pumps well.
I like it and it's the
third season now...
you see I have a memory like a...yes
The boat was nice and shiny
already at the start this spring.
Two quick washes, a layer
of this and some polishing.
The boat was really shining
when you launched it.
Yes, I was fine.
There are pretty good UV
protection in these things
so the gelcoat does not
deteriorate, that is not so fun.
We've had such boats.
Chalk boats.
But at that time there
was hardly any wax.
Right, we used shoe polish.
Isn't it enough with rubbing?
Rubbing yes, rub on, but such
boats still exist today.
I saw one in the harbour today that
someone has abandoned, an Allegro 27.
Yes, that's so sad.
There's no money in
old boats anymore.
For a while the price were over 150
thousand bucks for an Allegro 27.
Today I think one
gets them for free.
No, you don't, they
are still attractive.
There's one for sale now on Blocket, a
Laurin 31, which I had, but a ketch.
Oops. I don't really understand
how they have done it
but it is probably good.
Yes but imagine how easy it is, it will
be a little bit smaller sails to handle.
2 square meters.
No, but it looks great.
The proportions between
the masts are perfect.
Is not a really high mast
and a low one on the tail.
It looks good.
I think so, I like it.
Good, good, good.
Should we grab the fuel gauge?
Yep, then we have to solder
and all sort of stuff.
There are a lot of
different wires on it.
Yes, nice. I brought my
electrical test tool.
The measuring device
220 Volts, here we go.
How much diesel do you
have in the tank?
Yes, I have just about...
Between 20 and 60 litres.
Somewhere in between 20 and 90 litres, no
around 15.
The tank sensor fits
very well in length.
There are quite a few different
lengths to choose from.
I got one that was 27 cm and it was 30
cm from the top to bottom in the tank.
Then there are a couple of
extra litres at the end.
Did you buy it in Sisjön
on Erlandsons brygga?
No, Hjertmans.
That old fart.
It's a good store.
Yes, it is.
I like Hjertmann.
I used to sit and check the catalogue
from Hjertmans when I was younger.
Lasse, I do that every week.
The internet is just crap.
You want to be able to flip
through a real catalogue.
Yes and dream oneself
away for a while.
Yes, exactly.
Good, good, good. Now
let's take care of this.
That we will do.