Decathlon's G-eye 900 Review

5 days ago
Hey what's UP #FELLAS! ㋛ Back with a REVIEW this time! Let's talk about Decathlon's G-EYE 900 and 700! I've compared it to my Canon EOS M3 and of ...

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New camera has arrived will the 900 be
better than the 700 stay tuned let's discovery it, INTRO!
hey what's up #Fellas
This is DUKE and welcome back to the
Body&DUKE series tonight I'm now working
our are not vlogging instead I'm gonna
talk about my cameras the first one the
G-EYE 700
this little beautiful here has
been around on all over my workouts and
all the sporty stuff I've been through
it's a cheap camera but quite reliable I
bought 3 of them sadly 2 got
damaged! Well at least the first one
got damaged in the beautiful Sardinia
sea while I was recording one of my past
vlog link in description below
while the other one, well got worn out from the intense use
bet that one hour per day is
no easy joke for a camera this size!
Still...wonderful camera!
Tonight let's focus on
the new camera the G-EYE 900!
Let's talk about it
it's wonderful camera
it's a good action camera it's smaller and
lighter than the previous one
the G-EYE 700 I find also it even...well more good
looking than the previous one now
let's see what's in the package
Package is simple has a front window to show the front side of the camera
and a rear while showing the touchscreen open it up well
it's divided into parts first one is the
camera rub in some transparent plastic
the second one is these little red box
here continuing the manual which has
many languages these Doria which the
substitution for the scuba system
talking about this later and USB cable
to charge the camera and all the other
parts in mono camera like a GoPro
I'm wrapping the camera as I said it
comes finally with the scuba system Jack
700 was water-resistant but only for one
meter and health with the scuba gear
here it's well forty meters water
resistance opening up of course there's
a camera where you talked about it
showing my other one red
is it is worth full yeah I really love
this camera this door here it is only
used when you are not scuba diving it's
going to replace the door for the scuba
system to protect the camera while
you're around maybe a bicycling or any
other stuff that maybe is put the camera
at risk this one allows you to enter the
camera inside and where you will still
be able to use the touchscreen because
it has a little window here okay now
that we have a pocket I want to give it
a long shot I want to try as a vlogging
camera I know it's totally for equipment
from the one I'm using aka a Canon EOS
m3 with a roadie shotgun microphone but
you know I think it's a very good camera
I wanna give it a try let's see how it
performs hello here we are on GI 900
what do you think how's image it's of
course that's the finer than the other
one but I think it's wonderful it's
still very good also can you hear the
crystal clear how do something that the
G is 700 didn't have well actually it
doesn't have it doesn't work yeah you're
told you on a certain era doesn't work
and don't ask me why I already know here
it's wonderful seriously of course one
thing I am NOT stretching image I'm not
touching it also the audio it's not
treated everything you can hear and see
it's solid in a row it's something that
I've taken from the camera and put here
on YouTube okay now let's get back to
the Canon use and free and here we are
okay so what do you think I was
recording with the same parameters of
the Canon EOS and free full HD at 30
frames per second
I know it's of course not as the finest
as a cell as the Canon EOS m3 but I
think it's a very good camera now let's
compare it with the GI 700
now started see the lights cool science
yeah this way
so first what do you think about these
cameras in my opinion the four key
sensor installed in a GI 900 is way
darker than one is still in a 700 and
you can clearly see from the night
shooting the left part of the screen is
way brighter than the right side but I
think also that in low-light condition
then 900 is way less pixelated than 700
things change in a well-lit condition
you can clearly see during the workout
that not only the 900 sends out for its
color fidelity but also improve viewport
and of course improved quality now let's
have a look on how badly performs and
how much they heat up
as you can see 900 it's up pretty
quickly and pretty much 45 degrees
Celsius is a considerable temperature
for a camera that size well actually is
a considerable temperature period
however on the bright side battery
lasted almost two hour and thirty
minutes not the promises three hours but
still a good amount of time way to go I
have uploaded the full battery checks on
my channel link in the description below
or around here now let's have a look at
the cameras menu
okay now let's check recording settings
you have many different resolution from
HD up to 4k I've selected Full HD you
have many different frame per second sub
selected 30 and many different angles
let's keep it wide stabilizer could be
turned on to improve image quality check
your recording settings you can see you
have many different pre-settings the one
we were using was custom of course we
will stick with that now let's try
different settings let's slide the fast
sports preset which sets the camera to
full HD at 60 frames per seconds we're
on general settings oops this is the
time sorry okay let me set it perfect
now as I was saying you have many many
settings like the remote the earth
system by the auto off last mode review
the fast recording the distortion which
is very important because it
automatically turns the fish-eye
settings to a stretched image moving on
you have the camera settings the picture
mode you have the bus mode and the timer
and all sweet time-lapse movie now let's
try record okay okay I was too fast
sorry let's try again the record button
here we are recording of course I'm just
recording one level of the amount for
the tripod okay now let's assess the
recorded images here you can switch page
you can play
very short of course you can as I was
saying switch pages and you can a
dissected image here we are second in
the second one okay no picture
whatsoever last but not least I would
like to thank a concern for the amazing
customer service day AB the replaces my
true broken GI 7-iron which should ran
new GI nine onwards this definitely is a
good way to build up customer loyalty
let me know with a comment what you
think about this camera if I've
satisfied your curiosity or if you have
any questions just write ugly reply as
soon as possible
now time is up fellas don't forget to
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latest upload okay fellas now time is up
you guys are chow