Dacia nuovo Duster: live dal Salone la seconda generazione [ENGLISH SUB]

2 months ago
Seconda generazione per il crossover europeo nato “low cost”, ma sempre più raffinato.

English subtitle

4.31m long, 1.82 m wide, this is the new Dacia Duster which has come here with a renewed design with more personality with bigger bump guards that pop out rom the bodywork
there are new 17 inch rims with discs at the front, while at the rear there are drum brakes. The weight of this car is of 1,310 kg
the rear has been totally renewed with very nice stop lights. The trunk has a load capacity of 465 l and a spare wheel on the bottom, up to 1,200 l with the seats lowered
The rear seats are pretty spacious, the starting price is of 11,900 euro. The plastics are pretty hard but not too bad. Here we have leather seats. Even the 3rd passenger has enough space
Underneath the bonnet there's the 1.2 l petrol engine but there's also the 1.6l petrol engine with 116 hp, but there will be some others as well
the front seats are comfortable, the double clutch shift is made by Renault and there's the AWD
There's a new dashboard with a new Renault infotainment system with all the info
the cockpit is still analogical. The plastics are hard but well done. There's even an arm rest. It's worth the money