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En este Vídeo te mostramos La lista de BENEFICIOS DE LAS ALMENDRAS ya que son muy buenas para tu salud. SUSCRÍBETE☆ ...

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Hello, today I share
Something I never fancied!
ALMONDS can have as many health benefits.
Almonds are rich in many benefits contain fiber, vitamin E, protein,
phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B2 and many other nutrients.
Being nutritious, it becomes critical to maintaining good health of the body, then,
you can reap the benefits of almonds to include them in your diet.
In addition, they are easy to be part of their menu, because it can be consumed in oil,
flour, butter and milk.
Even if you eat a small daily serving, and have many of its benefits.
And more!
For those who need to lose weight, almonds collaborate much as they are effective
weight loss.
List benefits of almonds.
By offering various benefits, almonds are among the most nutritious foods.
They can be found all year round, favoring their daily consumption.
So you can add it to your daily menu and help your body to have more nutrition.
The list of benefits of almonds brings.
- Good cardiovascular health.
To lower LDL cholesterol, while preserving HDL cholesterol, reduce almonds
risks of a possible heart attack.
A person who consumes carbohydrates and almonds in your diet, achieve a reduction in risk
of heart attack by 35%.
They also help maintain healthy all the cardiac system because it contains a high
antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress.
- Protection against cancer.
Being rich in antioxidants, almonds contribute to the protection against cancer.
This because scavenge free radicals, which are responsible for damaging the DNA of
cells, developing cancer cells.
Antioxidants also help to recover and damaged cells.
- Strengthening bones and teeth.
Almonds also contain calcium and these strengthen bones and teeth.
Just 92 grams of almonds for supplying 24% of daily needs
calcium, providing 243mg.
Besides also possess phosphorus and magnesium, these nutrients also prevent
bone health, contributing effectively against osteoporosis.
- Development of the baby during pregnancy.
Folate, content in almonds is essential for the proper development of the baby
during pregnancy.
Lack of it brings the uneven development of the brain and spinal cord of
- Skin Health.
Almonds help the skin to become more flexible to contain vitamin E, responsible
nutrition of the skin and also acts against aging.
- brain health.
Almonds collaborate in protecting brain cells against damage caused by
free radicals, as well as improve blood circulation to the brain.
For children, almonds are very effective in maintaining good memory.
- Diabetes.
Almonds lower glucose and insulin levels after meals.
natural recipe with almonds.
Enjoy a natural recipe to savor almonds, almond preparing a meal.
You will need.
- 500g almonds.
How to prepare.
Boil a pot of water and add the whole almonds, boiling for three minutes.
Strain the water with a sieve and remove the shells of almonds.
In a nonstick skillet, let dry almonds over low heat for
ten minutes.
Once you run out of color and start to click, remove from heat.
Then, place them in a blender, beating until they see a fine, smooth powder.
Put the powder in the pan and allow to dry for a few moments more.
Once dry and cool, store the flour in a bowl and make delicious recipes.
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