Communicating with you - Dr. Gillian Kernaghan's fall 2017 update

2 months ago
President and CEO Dr. Gillian Kernaghan provides an update on the accomplishments and future goals of St. Joseph's Health Care London: Care Partnership At ...

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at St. Joseph's a key priority in our
current strategic plan is to ensure that
patients and families are full partners
in their care and in the measurement
design and improvement of care this is
spoken about in our strategic plan as
being guided by their voices
we know that when patients are more
involved in their care that the quality
of care improves they have a safer care
experience and a more satisfying care
experience it also engenders trust and
mutual respect in the care experience
more of examples that we have
implemented over the past short while
would include we have implemented a new
cafeteria at St. Joseph's the design was
changed radically when we went to speak
to our patients and family counsel and
we're very excited that they're going to
be naming our new cafeteria our acquired
brain injury program in listening to
our patients and Families have
recognized the importance of having
reliable information available to them
so a new website for brain injury
survivors is being launched hosted by
Park wood Institute over the years we
have had patient and family counsels on
most of our sites we were delighted to
establish a new patient and caregiver
counsel at Parkwood Institute main
building to allow us to involve our
patients and families better in the care
and design of the programs at Parkwood
Institute main building we are in the
final year of our three-year strategic
plan we're very proud of the many
accomplishments that we have made
through that 3-year plan we are
embarking on a new strategic planning
process that will guide our future as
St. Joseph's health care london look for
opportunities through social media and
through our website that you will be
able to have input into setting our
priorities for the future another
strategic priority of St. Joseph's is a
relentless pursuit of safety and your
safety is very important to us we have
set a priority to really focus on
medication safety and we would like to
engage your help we would like to ensure
that when you come to the hospital
either to be admitted or for an
outpatient visit that you bring with you
a list of all medications that
you are taking both medications that
your doctors have prescribed medications
that you are taking on your own either
vitamins other medications that you are
choosing to take it's important that our
care teams know what you are currently
taking at the present time another
safety priority that comes around every
year in the fall is the risk of
influenza we know that the patients that
we serve are particularly vulnerable to
influenza again I'm asking for your help
influenza vaccine is widely available in
the community through drugstores through
your physicians we'd ask that you would
avail yourself of all those
opportunities to get the flu shot so
that when you come to visit your loved
ones or you're coming to an appointment
at the hospital you are minimizing the
risk of bringing influenza into our
community this allows us to protect both
our patients and our staff as we head
into that season not just to influenza
season but all through the year hand
hygiene is an important foundational
safety priority it's important that both
visitors staff and patients wash their
hands on a regular basis to minimize the
risk of transmitting infections that are
present within a healthcare environment
as always we look for your feedback our
vision is to earn complete confidence in
the care that we provide if we have
earned your confidence tell us how we
have earned your confidence so we can
keep doing those things that are
important to you if we haven't earned
your confidence we would like to hear
from you so that we can continue to
improve the care experience that you and
your loved ones have within our
organization thank you