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Join me as we see into the post apocalyptic world of CHILDREN by Takuya Okada. Check out the video here: ...

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Hey Buddies its ya girl AyChristene and then today
I'm checking out a scare Tober
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children by Takuya Okada alright
Takuya Okada sounds like a Japanese name
Japanese people know how to scare the
ich added some people have you ever seen
the Japanese version of the Ring or that
was the original ring the Japanese
version yeah that ish was freaking I
don't even think I finished that one I
couldn't I don't think I could um and
the garage are you kidding me
okay so yeah we're gonna drip into this
and hopefully you move me okay after it
I love you guys as always and until next
from YouTube I'm scared
riding a little dog and you've got this
kid was it out and he's like or I'm just
gonna walk away
okay okay we started off at a unique
situation unless you've got a really
good handwriting oh my gosh oh dear
so they all have their mouths zip tied
or is it zippered them down down down
all their grades hundred hundred hundred
twenty four eighty three now
does he just keep seeing the same thing
is it a memory for him because I mean
how many times we're gonna watch that
guy that dog died possibly I'm starting
to think that dog is a male and they
legit not even gonna try
yeah cats
okay everybody does the same everybody
gets the same you do the same pictures
that's all the same on this guy's time
not okay
that face on this guy is super scary
baby created 4043 what's wrong with him
what is wrong with them kid you want to
talk okay
okay that cuz it sounds what's up then
breaking the they're tired of the same
anarchy oh no no the dog
no tell the dog the stop no no no kid
you're not gonna make it you're not
gonna make it kids please please oh oh
wait wait what's the blood is that his
blood a friggin dog this kid just got
hit by a freaking train for you and it
just runs away and he's laughing it was
a great amount of smoke there my
question question question um what what
what what okay that was weird that was
here that was really weird
I liked the ingenuity I like that uh
animation design the style
it was very stylistic obviously you know
like a industrial istic
I was at post-apocalyptic for like a
very industrialized type of style you
know with all the smoking and the fog
could not follow the small sees me and
all of those weird kids that I guess had
to be all like I know that there's I
feel like there's a message in this
somewhere you know but I'm like confused
because homie you got your head bashed
by a train and you would just start
laughing like it obviously he was fed up
with everything monotony right cuz
everybody has to do the same thing
everybody looks to sing everything but
the same thing happens every single day
a dog you know comes through I guess
breaking the cycle breaking the cycle is
the message cuz the dog a dog is running
towards the training gets hit by train
every day he wears the same thing him
his cocks mates the same thing they get
the same scores school-wide like in work
and in athletics everything is the same
and he was like tired of it and
apparently the kids felt the same as
well because as soon as he like broke
through all of them did that matched up
the zipper teeth that they had I mean I
don't know why all we could just go bah
bah bah instead of just now his teeth
look like this but I mean whatever let
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