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i went on a hunt for a britney spears cassette and kitty and i went apartment hunting in hollywood, los angeles, california. MORE VIDEOS ~ Disney Cocktails: ...

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- so it's such a nice day and I kind of
have some things to do today.
- so I thought why not try vlogging it and
where did I park? There it is, okay. and I thought why not try vlogging it and see how that
so we're gonna try vlogging today.
the first thing we're gonna do is go to
this record store I went there yesterday
and they said that today they were gonna
be having a like large like parking lot
sale where like things are gonna be sold
for so cheap and like cassettes were
gonna be sold so cheap and I found a
Britney Spears cassette there yesterday
so I'm going back and the goal is to
find more Britney Spears cassette or ideally
Mandy Moore so let's go see what we find
okay so we're here it's in like kind of
this little Mexico like Hispanic part of
town which is really cute and I don't
know if the shop was just really awesome
yesterday all their records were like
crazy expensive like way way way too
crazy expensive but I'm gonna see what
their sale has to offer because from
what I understand they basically just
want to get rid of everything that's
like in the back and so they're saying
everything's like super cheap so let's
go see if it's actually super cheap
okay so I only got two cassettes
and maybe someone would think that's a
fail but honestly the two I got were
gold like I can't believe I found the
Britney album like that's so cool
and then I don't know I never like own
this but I've seen it before and I knew
about it the TLC album when that came
out it's like shaped like a cigarette
box like once I open it you'll see but
this kind of like folds up like a
cigarette top and I I just thought that
was like an interesting approach to
their album I don't know why they did
that oh my god i have to sneeze oh it's so
dusty okay so now we're gonna go to
Hollywood and see my friend and we
were gonna get our nails done but the
girl we like isn't available until too
late for her and so we're gonna do other
stuff and I don't know we'll see where
we go do sitting in traffic sitting in
traffic sitting in traffic and you might
be thinking just get in that Lane over
there that one's moving
no that's exit only do you not see that
that will not get us our destination we
have to sit in this traffic. Is that an Ikea?
I hate when the GPS goes red gonna take
forever and by forever I mean 14
minutes which really isn't that long but
I feel like that time is wrong. I just hate
that's all. I just like going I don't
like stopping!
so we're here at Kitty's house I'm just
waiting for her to come let me inside
she hasn't set up her call box and she
doesn't have any clothes on
I'm just chilling out here but her place is
really cute
she said that they just raised her rent
by a lot so she's been looking for
someone else somewhere else to go but
look at like how close she is to the
Hollywood sign.
- Hi sorry I'm vlogging
today you wanna say hi? You look fabulous
-No I don't, oh my god.
- gorgeous this is how you should appear, all the time.
Give me a hug. I missed you.
- I missed you too.
- so we were gonna go to brunch but I
texted her and she said she would make
us breakfast instead isn't that so sweet
so we have some eggs with some tomatoes
and a waffle and a cup of syrup.
- and it's free.
- and it's what?
- free!
i have champagne and orange juice if you want some.
- I don't like orange
juice but I'll have some champagne.
- Okay.
- I always like ask people that cause it's
always premade at brunch places and I'm
like can I just have the champagne like
without the orange juice and they're like no its premixed.
I'm like that's disgusting
Okay, Kitty, so what is all this?
- So i got these from Disney's sample sale.
this shirt was $2.00 and Dan is telling me if they're cool or lame.
- yeah basically.
- So cool or lame, Dan?
- I mean it's a no for me
we just went through all of this stuff
and decided what she was keeping and not
keeping and now we're gonna go look at
some houses and apartments and then I'm
gonna bid her adieu because she's gonna
go watch football and I'm so not going
so what'd you think of that place?
- it's too small for all the clothes that we just went through.
But it was cute.
- yeah I mean this area is like
kind of cute and affordable
- really close to Thai food, good Thai food.
- I don't know let's go look at the other house.
I really like this man in the middle of
the street
he's super cool. I think he lives here with
this guy
this is just right around the corner from
where you're gonna live
we're about to go to the third place I
haven't filmed any of them yet because
it's been kind of awkward because it's
like group tours where like a bunch of
people are looking at the apartment and
so it was like awkward but I'll try and film
this one. Kitty filmed the last one on her
phone because we both really liked it we
just don't we don't think it would be
great to live like under people so
we wanted something on the top floor but
those units were so nice like we really
really liked them and they were kind of
within budget kind of thing too
but we're just waiting to view the last
one and look at this
passive-aggressive note right here be
responsible and pick up after your dog
free dog poop bag. someone's really
tired of some shit..
- and the fridge is included?
- sorry?
- does the fridge stay?
- if the fridge is here, it stays.
- how are you feeling about it?
- i love my current apartment.
but this is big.
- this is a really nice-sized closet.
there's more on this side.
- really?
what did you think this was?
- a wall.
- so I am home and I just really quick want
to talk about this is what a grown
adults bed looks like.
all of my really
cool pillows.
but yeah I am going to end this
vlog here let me know if you enjoyed it
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