Bubble sleeve top tutorial //Remakes

13 days ago
In this tutorial, i show you how i cut and stitched a bubble sleeve top. You use a circle pattern to give the fullness. You can adjust the design to make it even more ...

English subtitle

I used the easy fitting block
I measured the sleeves and the armhole, to make sure the measurement was similar.
Or at least, not too far apart
Then i measured the length i wanted for the upper sleeve, and cut out
Take the sleeves, and measure the width
I used the measurement to make a high-low circle pattern
I made the mistake of forgetting to multiply by two to get the full width
But it wasn't too bad, since i just needed to make the circle a bit deeper
Since it's a bubble kind of design, the circle part was too short, so i added an extra piece on the shorter part
Now join the pieces together and trim
Here I'am marking where i want to hold the fabric
I planned on gathering this part, but decided to add box pleats instead
Now I'am measuring, to get the pleating measurement
Now pin the pleats and sew them
The take the sleeves, and join them to the bottom part
Now to the easier part, join the sides of thee top
Then join the sleeves to the top
Hem the bottom part, i used a slip hem stitch, since i didn't want the stitches to show on the right side
Iron the garment, and you're done!