BTTF DeLorean time machine - ZIDZ Zeitmaschine - Vlog 03 - Contactors

6 days ago
BTTF DeLorean time machine - ZIDZ Zeitmaschine - Vlog 03 - Contactors. Englische Untertitel verfügbar !

English subtitle

Here we have the contactors. A contactor is something like a heavy duty relais.
They both are located on the front dashboard.
The black one is an original contactor with three contacts and one seperate channel.
That's not how we need it. Only the lower part, the base is the correct thing needed.
This is how it should look like later.
Both top parts are resin parts made by Gary Weaver.
After the painting I need to switch over
all the metal connector terminals to the resin parts.
I had to drill 17 holes into each top resin part.
I have painted them with colors that Gary had used.
I had bought the cans in the US when I bought my Delorean back in 2005.
Krylon Primer Ruddy Brown for the base and Krylon Banner Red Gloss for the top part.
I had problems with the cans as they were too old now.
The color bursted out of the cans and it was hard to
do a nice paint job because it seems like too much pressure in the cans.
I had left out the matte finish paint because I had fear to paint the Rowan letters unreadable with too much paint coats.
I have to change over the metal parts now.
We will see that in the next step.
The two contactors are now finished.
All the contacts and the resin part is secured with screws.
Mount the top and then we are ready to go.
Both will be mounted onto an aluminum plate.
All my aluminum parts are produced at a laser cutter company right now.
Let's see how that works out.