BTTF DeLorean time machine - ZIDZ Zeitmaschine - Vlog 01 - Intro

6 days ago
BTTF DeLorean time machine - ZIDZ Zeitmaschine - Vlog 01 - Intro Vorstellung von mir und meinem Projekt - Ich bau mir meine Zeitmaschine. Englische ...

English subtitle

Hello and welcome to my Youtube channel Docs Outatime TV.
I'm standing in front of the institute for applied time travel, that was opened in my house by Dr. Emmett Brown.
As you can see here he's not responsable for damage to the time space continuum.
Dr. Brown is away on one of his time travels right now so I have to build my time machine on my own.
On my Youtube channel you will see many vlogs about the parts that are used on the time machine.
I plan to make a documentry about the conversion of the DeLorean.
I start with the interiour in spring 2018. Please subscribe my channel so that you don't miss any videos.
Thank you very much and we see us in the future - or past. Let's see.
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Jens. I'm 44 years old and live in Bremen. For all international viewers, my Bremen in located in northern Germany.
I'm collecting the parts for the time machine since 2004 and I have spent about 8500 Euros so far.
I think it will be around 10000 Euros in the end.
Many parts are really rare and if you find one , it's mostly a replica.
Unfortunately most of the time machine forums where you could collect infos and parts are closed now and prebuild parts are not offered often and for crazy high prices.
I'm trying to give you as much information and pictures as possible.
I have bought most of my parts from 2004 to 2010.
I think it's nearly impossible to collect all the needed parts without the community forums and open informations, because you can't find any informations anymore.
In my opinion if you build a time machine into a DeLorean then do it with the goal to make it as movie accurate as possible.
As we talk about "movie accurate" There is a small problem.
As you might know there were three different DeLorean for the filming of Back To the Future Part 1.
For those who don't knew that, here's a short explanation.
The so called "A-Car" was the most detailed time machine car and was used mainly for the scenes where the car is seen up close from the outside.
Then there was the "B-Car" which was used for the interior shots. It was not that high detailed like the "A-Car", if you know how to spot the differences.
At last there was the "C-Car" which was cut into half. It was used whenever the camera is inside the car, like when you see Michael J. Fox driving.
In the following movies part 2 and 3 the time machines look a bit different, because the producers couldn't find all the needed rare parts from the first movie car.
Of course there are three different looks of the time machine in the first movie alone. I want to build mine like it came out of Docs van in the Twin Pine Mall night shot.
I try to make a new videos as soon as I have finished another parts and I hope that you guys keep me motivated during the conversion process because it'll be
a rather long time.
I guess it'll take about two years. I hope I can do it in a shorter amount of time but who knows.
It's really a lot of work to finish the parts and then the build up is the next big step. Let's see, I hope I can do it within two years.
If you have any questions then write a comment please and I'll try to answer them as good as possible.
I wish you have fun with the videos and hope to see you back here soon. Cheers.
Welcome to my workshop
Here you see the parts that I'm working on right now.
Still a lot of work needs to be done. Some parts are finished and others do need more parts that are ordered. So I have to wait for that.
Below the table are overhead console and reactor core lying around here.
The drill work is done but some more parts needs to be assembled and painted.
You will see that later on in the following vlogs. See you then. Cheers.