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2 months ago
HEY EVERYONE! My name is Sam Mathew and I am one of the three campus housing vloggers at the University of Georgia. This is only the first of many vlogs I ...

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Hello and welcome to the UGA university
housing channel. My name is Sam Mathew
and I'm one of three vloggers here on
the University Housing Channel and if you
guys don't already know UGA University
Housing and this vlog series the
point of it is to show you the user,
the viewer, whoever you are, my first year
experience here at UGA so you guys can
better understand what UGA is actually
like. And as I said before I'm only one
of three vloggers. There's me (Sam), Allie
Merwin, and Ian Allen, so we're all gonna
be posting separate vlogs on this
channel so it's all gonna be on the
University Housing UGA channel and we're
all gonna be showing our own experiences
here at UGA . So if you finish watching my
videos go ahead watch Allie's, go ahead
watch Ian's, watch all of our videos
binge watching them all. It' super exciting so
that's the point of it just to give you
guys a better look in perspective into
UGA. But I feel like if you guys are going
to continue watching my vlogs for two
semesters, you guys should know a little
bit more about myself and who I am, so
let's just *clap* dive right in! So I was born June
16th, 1999 in Woodstock Georgia. Major:
mathematics and computer science. My
personality is super positive and enthusiastic
oh my gosh! My favorite food is cheese
pizza. My hobbies include running,
swimming, and I play the drums. I like
going outdoors and having fun with
friends, but I also like chilling and
watching Netflix. Career goals I don't
really know yet all I do know is that
when I retire I want to own a vegan
bakery and be a full-time vlogger and
that's basically it.
Hey guys this is future Sam I was just
editing the vlog and I realized I didn't
actually tell you where I live on
campus so that was stupid of me. I live
in a Brumby Hall so here's a view Brumby
Hall. And yeah I love it so just so you
know let's get back to the actual video.
Now that that's out of the way, let's get
on to the actual vlog. I just wanted to
keep this vlog plain and simple with a
dorm tour. So yeah let's get on with the dorm
tour. This is my side just toiletry stuff
regular stuff that anyone would have a
mirror and nice looking mirror so I can
check myself make sure I'm looking good
drawers for my clothes. A bigger closet
area .Then right here this is my bed
ignore how messy it is right now, but we
got two bean bags. We have a nightstand
right here and a lamp and during the
night time when we're like done with all
our classes we just chill out we just
watch TV and like just chill out here
this is like our lounging area. And then
past my bed we have my desk. We have a
printer that we don't really even use so
I don't know we'll just ignore that for
now but we have my desk which is super
messy I have so much stuff everywhere I
need to organize
but yeah there's a lot of stuff on my
desk but basically just textbooks, boring
stuff, a water bottle,
nothing special. Here though, here is
where it gets fancy. Our amazing coffee
area. We have the Kwerig or the Keurig or
whatever you want to call this. We have a
grinder look at this we have like
actually whole beans. We have so much
coffee, an array of coffee I couldn't even go over
all this so many. But many different
countries, many different tastes, touches
your palate in so many different ways.
All this types of coffee so if you
guys want coffee just hit me up you
know just comment down below. So now
coming into Justin's side we have his desk
which is basically the same thing as mine really
nothing there. Microwave, fridge, you
know basic stuff. The TV and Xbox this
is where it gets turnt. We have a
bookshelves because we love reading we
love learning you know that's what
college is about is learning so that's
what we love doing all day every day.
Xbox mainly used use for Netflix and
sometimes we play some of these games
and by the way we have a third
controller now so if any of you all want to
hit me up, play multiplayer
heck yeah here we go. And right here
basic storage closet compartments with
food so there's food in here and then in
here, wires this is like a miscellaneous
like anything that's like not used.
More food, more food, air freshener let's talk
air freshener right now. Air freshener is
essential I think to any living space
when you're in college if you want to
make sure that your room smells fresh,
you're gonna smell in some good good
smells so we make sure we're stocked
we're stocked on the air freshener. Oh
the carpet! Oh my gosh this carpet is so
soft. It is incredibly soft. It's probably
the best thing that we bought for this
room. That's the basic dorm tour guys.
I think it's done from there I think we
can end the vlog here. Thank you guys for
watching. Subscribe to the University
Housing, UGA University Housing,
this channel. And yeah thank you guys for
watching and I'll see y'all
later. Have a great day!