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Начальник штаба группировки войск Вооруженных Сил России в Сирии генерал-лейтенант Александр Лапин сообщи...

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Good afternoon
The Syrian Arab Army
supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces
continue defeating the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria.
Over the last week
the Syrian troops have achieved overwhelming success
in the east and west of the country.
They have liberated about 85% of the Syrian territory.
In the northeast of the Syrian Arab Republic
the government troops continue pressing successful
offensive on the ISIS
along the western shore of the Euphrates.
On September 5,
units commanded by General Suheil al-Hasan
lifted the siege of Deir ez-Zor,
which had been besieged for three years
and located in the centre of the ISIS territories
The Admiral Essen guard ship of the Black Sea Fleet
launched Kalibr cruise missiles.
The strike destroyed command and communication
centres of insurgents.
This allowed to disrupt
the ISIS command and control in this region.
Exploiting the success by the assault groups
under the direction of Suheil al-Hasan
the troops unblocked a military airfield.
Over 1,000 troops used to be besieged for 10 months.
In operation, more than 450 insurgents, five tanks,
up to 40 pickups with large-caliber machine guns have been eliminated.
Moving from Palmyra through al-Sukhnah,
units of the 5th Assault Corps
have entered the city from the south.
Currently, liberation of Deir ez-Zor is keeping on.
The Syrian troops are smashing the ISIS grouping
which has blocked northern and southern quarters of Deir ez-Zor.
Following the advancing units
humanitarian aid with food and medical supplies
has been provided to the city.
Specialists of the Russian Centre
reconciliation of opposing sides
have delivered 10 tones of food and medical supplies,
and the bare necessities
In the central part of Syria
the SAA has liberated Uqayribat,
a strategic transport hub,
which had been turned into a stronghold by insurgents.
Currently, ammunitions and material supply sources
of terrorists have been blocked.
The Syrian military units is keeping liberating territories
from ISIS groups operating in western and northern
regions of Uqayribat.
Despite heavy losses, insurgents are showing
serious resistance.
For the last week,
stubborn combats have resulted in liberation of eight settlements
which enabled dividing the ISIS grouping
in the vicinity of Uqayribat, and smashing it.
To support offensive of the Syrian troops,
the Russian aircraft conduct twenty-four-hour
air reconnaissance to detect and eliminate personnel,
, weapons and hardware of terrorists
as well as ammo and materiel storages.
Yesterday, to promote the SAA offensive
in the vicinity of Uqayribat
the Russian Aerospace Forces flew more than 50 sorties
eliminating about 180 hostile objects
(fortified points, strongholds, bunkers,
control posts, separate terrorist squads,
artillery positions, ammo and POL storages).
Russian military continues with humanitarian assistance
to the liberated regions of Syria.
Over the last week
the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides
have conducted six humanitarian actions.
The citizens in difficult terrain received
more than 50 tons of food and medical supplies, and the bare necessities.
The Russian Federation actions on ceasefire regime
on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic
have enabled maintaining stable environment
in the central and southern parts of the country.
Due to the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides,
three de-escalations zones have been successfully in effect
in the south-west of Syria, Daraa province
and As-Suwayda
in the suburbs of Damascus
the Eastern Ghouta
and to the north of Homs city,
as well as deconflication zone Tell Rifaat (north of Aleppo province)
where the Russian Military Police
ensures ceasefire regime compliance
Currently, 85% of the Syrian territory
has been liberated from illegal armed groups.
There are about 27,800 sq km more
to be cleared from the ISIS in Syria.
At the same time, operation against the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra
will keep on in Syria until the groups are obliterated.