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Another top Democrat figure has been accused of a terrible scandal that should have his constituents ashamed. Pennsylvanian Democrat Philip Ahr submitted a ...

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Another top Democrat figure has been accused
of a terrible scandal that should have his
constituents ashamed.
Pennsylvanian Democrat Philip Ahr submitted
a formal resignation to the Radnor Township
Board of Commissioners last Monday in light
of his recent criminal charges involving possession
of child pornography, according to 6 ABC.
Mr. Ahr resigned on October 23rd from his
position as President of the Radnor Township
Board of Commissioners, although remaining
partially involved in the board’s affairs.
He was arrested on October 11th and charged
with 10 counts of distributions of pornography,
60 counts of criminal use of a communication
facility, and 50 counts of possession of child
pornography, as stated by a press release
from District Attorney Jack Whelan.
“Philip Ahr, 66, of the 100 block of Meredith
Avenue, in Radnor, is charged with child pornography
possession and child pornography dissemination,
sexual abuse of children, and criminal use
of communication facility, all felonies of
the third degree,” read the statement.
“According to Ahr, he used Yahoo Messenger
to ‘sext’ with unknown individuals, which
involved sexual talk about children.
Ahr told detectives that during one of these
conversations, an unknown person sent him
about one dozen child pornography images of
girls who Ahr estimated to be approximately
13 years-old,” the press release continued.
“Some of the images involved female children
engaging in sex acts with adult males.
Ahr admitted to detectives that he sent and
received images of child pornography to and
from an individual he was chatting with.
Ahr stated, ‘obviously I knew the images
were illegal and don’t know how I could
say otherwise.’”
The criminal investigation began on August
31 after a receiving a tip from the National
Center for Missing and Exploited Children,
which alleged that Mr. Ahr was uploading and
sharing suspected child pornography images
through a Yahoo Messenger account – culminating
in a search warrant for his home served on
September 21st.
Court documents went on to mention that investigators
found more than 500 images of videos of child
pornography on his computer.
“Ahr’s collection was mainly comprised
of prepubescent girls under the age of 10
years, but also included infants and toddlers.
A portion of the images and videos depicted
sado masochistic sexual abuse and children
being sexually abused by animals,” the district
attorney’s office said.
Authorities later said that they discovered
more illegal images on his work iPad, adding
that the former official might have tried
to delete the images from his device before
turning it over.
More than 1,000 web links to pornographic
images, including child pornography, were
discovered in addition to the pre-existing
images found on Mr. Ahr’s hard drive.
“Both the laptop and desktop computers had
Excel spreadsheets located on them which were
altered so that upon initial examination they
appeared to contain innocuous data.
Once the attempts to hide the data were reversed
it was discovered that they contained well
over a thousand web site addresses,” said
the district attorney’s office.
“Hundreds of the web addresses were still
active and contained child pornography.
Significantly, in addition to the web address,
each spreadsheet contained a column with a
code that signified the content of the web
At the moment, Mr. Ahr remains free on bail,
and it’s unclear whether he will face new
charges in light of the newly discovered material.
His next scheduled court date is on November
In a party that’s becoming known for its
scandals and rampant unethical behavior, the
Democrats should be ashamed of this Pennsylvanian
official’s conduct.