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China has a crazy plan to start World War III by 2020. A fantastic read: Why Didn't Mao Invade Taiwan?

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On this episode of China Uncensored,
just a few more years and we might see
China invading Taiwan!
They already have a plan...
Welcome back to China Uncensored,
I’m Chris Chappell.
War never changes.
Especially when it involves the threat of
a war
between China and the United States.
I just hope we survive the fallout.
Now I know,
you’re all probably still caught up
in the current threat of a war with North
But I’m here to pile on a little more terror
on top of that.
Can’t have you people getting soft, can
The Chinese regime has laid out a detailed,
comprehensive plan to invade Taiwan
by the year 2020.
That’s according to this book,
by Ian Easton of the Project 2049 Research
The 300-page book brought together
public and leaked documents
from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.
But our first clue something was up
came back in 2012.
At the 2012 18th Party Congress,
Xi Jinping said he was committed to,
“continue the 2020 Plan,
whereby we build and deploy
a complete operational capability
to use force against Taiwan by that year.”
Of course!
The 2020 Plan to invade Taiwan
was a plan to invade Taiwan by 2020!
How could we have been so blind?
I guess hindsight is...
easier to see things in.
The invasion plans involve the coordinated
of every branch of the Chinese military—
the Ground Forces, Navy, Army Air Forces,
the Marine Corps, and the Rocket Force.
Those are the guys responsible for China’s
ballistic missiles.
And of course,
the Team Rocket Forces control China’s Pokemon.
According to those documents,
the Taiwan invasion comes in three parts.
It begins with a 15-day pre-invasion bombardment.
“Taiwan would be subject to a massive bombardment
by ballistic missiles, cruise missiles,
and bombers against military targets on the
Then comes the amphibious landing
of 400,000 Chinese troops on the Island.
As for the actual invasion of the Island,
China has been training for that.
They’ve even created a mockup of
the Taiwan presidential palace
so troops can practice.
And the plan is bloody.
“Military operations will emphasize speed
and surprise to overwhelm coastal defenses
and create so much destruction in the early
that Taiwan would surrender before
the U.S. military can deploy forces to the
And that is the key.
Fast action before the US can respond.
Because the US will respond.
According to the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act,
the United States has to come to Taiwan’s
if there’s an invasion.
And since the US already has
two squadrons of Air Force fighters,
4,000 Marines,
and a whole lot of navy warships,
submarines, and bombers in Japan and Guam,
those could be deployed pretty quickly.
And a gathering of Chinese troops
in the south of the country might be
a good tip off that something’s about to
go down.
Also, the bombarding Taiwan with missiles
The US would definitely know by that point.
So a Chinese invasion of Taiwan inevitably
a strong likelihood of war between China and
the US.
The book by Project 2049 says,
“No one seemed clear on
exactly what might happen,
but all were sure is a future Chinese surprise
would be worse than Pearl Harbor
and 9/11 combined.”
Naw way, that doesn’t go far enough.
It’s like Pearl Harbor,
plus 9/11,
plus the sacking of Rome in 410 AD,
and the 1960 World Series where the Pirates
somehow beat the Yankees.
Taiwan is a problem for the Chinese Communist
For one, its political independence is a constant
that the Chinese regime doesn’t have the
to do whatever it wants.
Also, it has democracy.
And that blows a giant hole in the CCP’s
about how Chinese people just aren’t ready
for democracy,
and require the CCP to have a harmonious society.
So that’s why, all along,
“[The Chinese regime] is using non-lethal
psychological, diplomatic, propaganda,
and informational warfare—against Taiwan.
Once these are exhausted,
the plan for large-scale amphibious assault
will be carried out.”
Maybe you’re wondering, why the wait?
Why hasn’t China already invaded?
Turns out, that nearly did happen.
This article by Ian Easton describes how Mao
planned to invade Taiwan as early as 1950.
I’ve included the link below and on our
because it’s a fantastic read.
Basically, there was a massive spy operation
in place,
secretly undermining the fledgling Taiwanese
It really was like a spy novel.
Through sheer luck, the spy ring fell apart,
putting a big hiccup in Mao’s plans.
Then the Korean War broke out
and Mao redirected his troops to fight the
By the time that was done,
Taiwan had been too well established,
and backed by the United States,
for an invasion to happen.
Which brings us to the new invasion plan,
for 2020.
Oh my gosh!
That’s only three years from now!
That’s the year we’ll have giant fighting
Or GIANT fighting robots!
Does that mean we’re going to see an invasion
of Taiwan,
possibly with robots?
Not necessarily.
The Chinese military looks intimidating,
but it’s more of a political organization
than a fighting force.
It hasn’t been in a war
since a 1979 attack on Vietnam,
which did not go so well for China.
So drafting up plans for a Taiwan invasion
might be more about jockeying for position
within the Chinese military,
rather than practical battle plans.
Because you’d have to be blind to miss
the potential consequences of getting into
a war
with the United States.
Also, China right now simply doesn’t have
the ships needed
to carry that many troops across the Taiwan
So even though the CCP has a well-documented
for a Taiwan invasion,
it might not be ready to carry it out by 2020,
or might just decide it’s too risky.
Or they don’t have enough robots.
On the other hand,
now that Xi Jinping has elevated himself
to new levels of power in the Communist Party,
he may be looking for a chance to showcase
his might.
We’ll find out in three years I guess!.
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