BATTLEGROUNDS AT AIRSOFT PARK TIROL! (ft. Novritsch, GSP, SiloEntertainment and more)

13 days ago
ENGLISH SUBS AVAILABLE** It's on! We took a trip to Austria to participate in a private Airsoft Game of PUBG with some of our Youtube Mates. Of course we ...

English subtitle

Good evening! At the moment we're in Düsseldorf at the airport
We're going to fly to Munich
Then we're up to Tirol, to the "Airsoft Park"
to play airsoft together with Novritsch and GSP
And well, we'll film this for you
There is already our plane and we're a little late, so come on
Landed in Munich. It was a little turbulent in the end, very windy
We're going to collect our car now
our Porsche. And then we're driving to the hotel
Didn't you say Porsche?
Well... sold out
Wow that was really cool. We're in Munich now
So, now tell me about it
We're at the hotel now, I'm so damn hungry it's very late
and tomorrow we have to leave at 7 a.m.
So the plan for now is eating, peeing, praying, bed
Hey Nick are you awake?
Hey Nick, we have to leave man!
Yes man...
Good morning everyone
We wanted to be on the road for 10 minutes already
I don't know, one of us slept a little longer today
Let's have breakfast now and then we're off to Tirol!
Well Nick
We're almost there, right?
I'm not quite sure about this
We will be definetly shot by someone out here
I don't think we're right
If this wasn't a rental car
I would cry
I was always worried about our streets in Mahlwinkel
But meanwhile I guess we're very good constructed
"Follow the street for 300 meters"
Yees of course GPS
I swear we're going the whole way back again
"Your destiantion is on the right side"
We're completely wrong!
Parking space!
Safe Zone! - You're kidding me! We really arrived!
I can't believe this! It's really here
I told you so! - I would have not believed this in a hundred years
Does it fit?
Hey man, where the hell are we?
Schluchtenscheißerland! (Sorry, there is no translation for this, but what he wanted to say was another (funny) word for "Austria")
You didn't drive this way down, did you?
Man I thought I would die today!
What the hell!
I told you, if the way doesn't look like you should drive it, then don't!
Don't be gentle it's a rental, we've got full insurance
I bottomed up twice! - Three times!
We're going to park over here, okay?
So I've changed, we'll start soon
We wil spread the first weapons here
Because we're playing Player Unknown Battle Ground Airsoft
I have never played this and it's everyone against everyone
We're spawning without weapons, so we have to search them in the game
Find them and knock the others out
The field will become smaller and smaller
And if you're hit, there is the option
to find and use an energy drink to join the game again
Sounds interesting and the park is looking absolutely amazing
So I'm totally up to this! Let's do this
I got one!
Hey Justin, we need more perspective!
Yes man, exactly!
Shit! It's empty!
So see and gape
I've got a first wound
But it went well. I took out 2 of GSP
So let's see how it goes on
Got one!
You got a gun?
One more for me?
I'm empty
The sniper comes up this way
You're empty, too?
Attention, leave! Leave!
You need ammunition or gas? - Ammunition!
Nice man, you got him?
Wait a second, I want to lute you
Yes man
But I don't think he's alone
What's going on?
We hit him and got his weapon and then directly got hit by his buddy
Now we're waiting for the end
Played enough for today
Now we'll have a look at the shop which belongs to the field
and immortalize ourselves
This shop ain't that small
and has got a cool patch wall. Let's put our Airsoft Helden patch there and then fly home
So let's go home now
We found the gate and checked in
Feedback Airsoft Park Tirol
Thumbs up! The area is very very cool, I hadn't even thought so
We had the advantage that it was a private game
I guess we were only like 9 people
Thanks to Novritsch and his sniper buddy Fabi
Magnus, Silo and of course the crew of GSP
The game was really nice
I'm absolutely k.o., now only one more hour and we're home in our bed
See you next week!