Bachata Academy Improvisation Class - DREAM Project

2 months ago
Students of The Bachata Academy @ DREAM participate in an improvisation class/workshop lead by bachata guitar teacher Manuel Reynoso "Riki".

English subtitle

This is what I'm looking for...
Antony, and the rest of you are all playing the same thing.
Everyone is just repeating the same thing.
What I want is a conversation.
Start playing
If I do this...
Ok, yes, yes
The style of improvisation that you know how to play is like this.
What you are playing is a scale.
So let's see if we can turn it into a conversation.
So that everyone's not just playing the same thing.
If Antony plays this...
And then Juan Claus goes...
Does it sound good if everyone plays the same?
Understand? Let's have a conversation.
Start like this
And then go to the scale.
Let's do it for real now
Here we go
You're all going to help each other
For example, when it's your turn to lead, you take the rhythm guitar and vice versa.
So think about what you're going to play so that it shines and sounds confident
You know the C scale?
You don't know any scales?
Just checking!
I know that you know.
Let's go, on 4!
1, 2, 3, 4
It will be a competition.
You each have to do better than the last.