BABA RAM RAHIM NewShit Episode#1

2 months ago
This programme is aimed towards the entertainment of people and not otherwise! Indian News, as we all know has reached to a whole new level of shitty; and ...

English subtitle

AG- Hey Guys, I Am Anwesh
AC- And I am Anurag, and today we are going
to bring you some NewShit
AG- Cause what is Indian News if not SHIT!!
AG- So today, we are gonna talk about a very
serious issue
AC- Yes, We are gonna talk about ... I wanna
say Ram Singh...
NO wait..
Rahim Singh Right?
AG- Gurmeet Singh
AC- No no, there was Insaan Somewhere in between
Both- GOT IT !! Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji
AG- Here are the achievements of Mr Insaan
AC- And here are a few scenes from them
Scenes from his movies
Rajnikanth Fail?
AC- Mind you, his name is Insaan, he is not a GOD
Mr Insaan- Koi kehta hain bhagwan
lekin hum to hain sirf ek
AG- But unfortunately, HE IS (A GOD)
Guruji tussi GOD ho!
Started 20-20 Over in 1999
Virat why you no thank him for your achievements
AC- But Mr Insaan turned into a Haiwaan
AG- As he was accused of and convicted for Rape.
Stop Smiling, this is serious
AC- sorry
AG- Although he was charged under section
302, 506 and 509 of the IPC, i.e,
Criminal intimidation and insult of a Woman's
Modesty (We lawyered up)
AC- Also, I think he was a very big fan of
Ramsey Bolton
AG- How so?
AC- Well, he castrated 100s of his followers
and made them into REEKS!
[Scene from GOT]
Bolton- What? Noooo, heh.. pork Sausage
You think I am some sort of a savage
I have always wondered
Do eunichs, have a phantom cock?
Next time you think about naked girls,
you feel an itch
AG- On 25th of August, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh
Ji Insaan was convicted for his crimes
AC- Sadly in our country, if a girl is raped
by a random guy, we burn Candles
[Nirbhaya incident]
AG- But, if the same girl is raped by someone
popular, we burn cities
[Babaji's followers]
AC- He was sentenced for 20 Years ONLY!
AG- Then thats, cause i guess, our judicial
system probably liked MSG too much
AG- Thank you Guys, for watching, our First
episode of NewShit
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AC- Bhai, Dude where is my line?
AG- Ask them to comment
AC- Please comment because he is saying
AG- No ask them not to comment
AC- What
AG- Share our video.
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AC- Also uh, because, uhh
AG- Don't listen to him, STOP stop stop it stop
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