AVTECH Room Alert 12E: Introduction

13 days ago
This video provides an introduction to AVTECH's Room Alert 12E, AVTECH's mid-range solution for "IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring." It has all of the ...

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Welcome to AVTECH's video introduction to
the Room Alert 12E.
The Room Alert 12E is AVTECH's midrange solution
for "IT & Facilities Environment Monitoring."
It has all of the features of our flagship
on a smaller scale with a smaller footprint.
The Room Alert 12E connects to your network
by Ethernet cable and can be powered by PoE
or with the provided power adapter.
One internal digital sensor measures temperature.
Three external digital sensors,
such as Temperature, Temperature and Humidity,
and Temperature & Analog Sensors,
can monitor the environment up to 100 feet
On the back of the unit, four external switch
sensors can monitor
power, smoke, room entry, airflow and more,
up to 900 feet away.
One built-in relay port can accept a low-voltage
electrical device to turn on and off.
One built-in analog input port can accept
an analog sensor,
such as AVTECH's Current Loop or one of AVTECH's
Extreme Temperature Sensors.
One digital port dedicated to AVTECH's Light
Tower & Relay Adapter
allows you to connect an external Light Tower
or Relay Switch.
On the Status page of your Room Alert's web
you may view basic information about your
You'll also see the status of sensor data
to AVTECH's GoToMyDevices.com cloud monitoring
The Status page displays the current status
of your sensors,
including your internal temperature sensor,
external digital sensors,
external switch sensors,
external Light Tower or Relay Switch,
built-in Relay,
and Analog Sensor.
The Settings pages allow you to configure
your Room Alert 12E.
In the Sensor Settings page,
you may enter alarm thresholds and custom
for your internal temperature sensor,
external digital sensors,
analog sensor,
and external switch sensors.
If you have an external Light Tower or Relay
Switch connected to your Room Alert 12E,
you may enter a custom name and configure
its behavior in the Alarms page.
You may also name and configure the built-in
Relay on this page.
In the Network Settings page,
you may configure a static IP address
as well as other advanced network settings.
Note that the Room Alert is set by default
to obtain an IP address by DHCP.
You may also enter a custom name for your
device on this page.
In order to receive email or email-to-SMS
you may configure your email server and alert
recipients on the Email Settings page.
Note that Room Alert can send messages to
cell phones by using their email-to-SMS addresses,
as shown here.
Because your Room Alert is fully SNMP-compliant,
you have the option to monitor it with a 3rd-party
SNMP application.
In the SNMP Settings page,
you may configure Room Alert to send SNMP
Traps to up to three host systems.
You may obtain the MIB files by selecting
the link shown here.
You may password protect the Room Alert's
Settings pages on the Security Settings page.
Note that only the Settings pages - not the
Status or Help pages - are password protected.
In the Advanced Settings pages,
you may configure a variety of settings for
your Room Alert,
such as your default temperature scale,
push to AVTECH's Device ManageR software,
time and date,
and trace for trouble shooting.
In the Help page,
you can find links to Technical Support resources,
like the Room Alert User's Guide and Frequently
Asked Questions,
as well as links for Sales support,
such as placing an order online or requesting
a quote.
You may additionally view the supported browsers
for your Room Alert web interface.
For more information about the Room Alert
please visit its product page on AVTECH.com.
The Product Resources box has links to helpful
including the Model Comparison, shown here,
which can help you decide which Room Alert
model is right for you.
To request a quote, select Quote Request in
the Product Resources box.
To purchase Room Alert 12E, select Add To Cart.
If you have any additional questions, please
feel free to contact us
by email at [email protected] or [email protected]
or through Live Chat on our website, AVTECH.com.
Thank you.