Aspire Zelos 50W Kit! Product Spotlight | MOD Review and Unboxing

5 days ago
The Aspire Zelos Mod with the Nautilus 2 tank is a great grab and go mod. Our product spotlight video here will review the Zelos and go into detail on the proper ...

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Hi everyone! Joe here and welcome to another Mt Baker Vapor product spotlight video. And today
we'll be taking a look at a great starter kit by Aspire! The Zelos 50 watt kit.
And here is an up-close look at the Aspire Zelos 50 watt starter kit. Inside the box
we have a small users manual with basic information on the mod. A
warranty card and instructions on how to fill the tank.
The Aspire Zelos starter kit comes with a Nautilus 2 tank.
It comes with a 1.8 ohm coil and the new
0.7 ohm coil for the Nautilus 2's, which allow you to use sub ohm vaping on this small starter kit.
The kit does run
2500 mAh, so you get a decent battery life out of it. You don't have to run the coils too high, the
wattage range on the 7 watt coil is
18 to 23 watts and the 1.8 coil is 13 to 18 watts.
Aspire also gives you
some new o-rings for your tank, a
USB charging cable. And the USB charging cable is simply for charging, it's not for firmware updates.
Extra glass for your Nautilus 2.
1.8 ohm coil
delrin drip tip in case you're not fond of the still drip tip that comes on there.
The Nautilus 2 tank is technically a top fill tank.
It doesn't have a
hatch that opens on the top or something that slides open. You're going to need to remove the whole steel top cap,
which will leave the glass attached.
Your coil inside and you'll want to prime up that coil. You can remove the glass fairly easily.
Give it a few wiggles and it will come off.
A few drops right there inside your coil. Just make sure we don't get burning and help the coil to get saturated.
Pop your glass back on nice and tight and then go ahead and fill her up.
Once you're filled up you can screw back on the top cap. You should sit there nice and easy!
But let's go ahead and throw it on the mod.
You've got a nice airflow ring.
Somewhat restricted airflow, you can get direct along hits from this.
More geared towards mouth to lung vapers though. Has amazing flavor!
Only spins one way, which makes getting the tank off fairly easy. Sometimes you get that
airflow ring that just spins round and round.
Turned it on you're going to want to give it five clicks and
it'll pop right on.
If you want to lock the mod, five clicks and it locks.
Now to turn it off while it's locked you're going to want to hold this down for three seconds and
it will turn the system off.
You can also lock the mod by pressing plus and the fire button at the same time.
The same process to unlock it.
Now if you press these together that will take you into the different modes that are available.
There's a wattage mode,
TC stainless steel, temp control,
titanium, temp control nickel. It does have a bypass mode
and it also has a voltage mode as well.
And this can fire all the way down to 1 watt all the way up to 50 watts.
It does support .1 ohm coils all the way up to 3.5 ohm coils.
Well that wraps up our look at the Aspire Zelos 50 watt Starter Kit.
Thanks for joining us for another Mt Baker Vapor product spotlight video. Be sure to pick one of these guys up at and don't forget about other great videos from Mt Baker Vapor. We'll see you next time!